Keepit for Salesforce Quick introduction to Keepit backup and recovery for Salesforce

Keepit Cloud Backup and Recovery for Salesforce

Features list:

Keepit is full of features that help you to protect and manage your Salesforce data easily: 

Easy Setup and Management

Simple Setup and Administration   

Set up Keepit in less than 5 minutes. No training is needed. And you don't need any additional staff, hardware, or software.  


Automated and Unlimited Scalability    

The system automatically detects and adds new users. Our storage can quickly scale to whatever data demand you have in the future, automatically. 

Audit Log & Notifications 

Preview or download a CSV report on your backup/restore jobs, user activities, and connector events. In-app and email notifications will keep you updated on your backup and restore jobs, allowing you to react immediately and control processes. 


Automated & Continuous Upgrades 

Keepit is delivered as a service, and we take care of all the infrastructure for you. We can automatically upgrade your solution without any downtime nor time required from your staff. You simply always have the most up-to-date version, automatically. 


User management & RBAC 

Role-based access control (RBAC) allows you to manage which users have access to specific connectors. Different user roles to control the access to your data. Users can perform the actions of their roles only. 


API First 

Always instant access to your data at deep and granular level with Keepit API -First platform. 

Unlimited Backup and Archiving

Automated Daily Backup  

Keepit is a fully automated set-and-forget solution. Daily backup is performed automatically every 12 hours. Keepit Incremental Forever backup model saves time and storage space. 


API Calls Control 

Keepit allows you to control the API calls, so you can manage their usage and avoid exceeding your Salesforce API request daily limit. 


Unlimited Storage Included 

Scalable with no hidden costs means you never pay for additional storage - unlimited storage included.   


Up to Lifetime Retention, Customizable 
Retention from a standard 12 months to 99 years. Customize the retention period according to your policies for different data by using multiple connectors.  


Long-Term Archiving Included   

Store all your data for as long as you need it. Archiving is included  at no additional costs. 

Easy and Fast Data Recovery

Versatile Restore Options  

Restore data to where it originally resided, including single or related objects and records, download directly, or create a secure, shareable link.  


Related Records Restore 

Keepit allows you to recover the data hierarchy, just select restore related records functionality. Never lose their relationships. 


Version Viewer  

Easily track the changes of your data across time and levels with our version viewer.  


Deleted Items View   

View all data that ever was backed up by Keepit in the tenant. Deleted items can be restored, downloaded, or shared. 


No Snapshot Expiration  

Your snapshots will never expire: restore any object from any point in time, forever.  


Unique Search Engine  

Smart Search explores across all data, helping to find missing items quickly, which saves you time on your daily tasks.  


File Previewer  

Real-life file preview functionality protects from errors, ensuring it is the right data before you restore it. 


Physical Media Restore (PMR) 

The PMR can give you this last, physical copy of your dataset, that will be with you on your premises regardless of what happens to the Internet, to Keepit, and to the primary workload providers. PMR is a paid, additional service from Keepit. 

Security First

Dual Data Centers And Four Data Copies 
Keepit stores 4 copies of your data in two private data centers per region, which guarantees your cloud SaaS data is secure. 

Tamper-Proof Technology  

Our blockchain-like technology,  allows all layers in the platform to verify that a given requested data object is unaltered from its original form. This protects you against e.g. ransomware attacks. 


Immediate Encryption 

Upon ingestion by the Keepit platform, backup data is immediately encrypted before it is written to storage media.  


Transport Layer Security 
All primary workloads supported by Keepit employ modern Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption on the endpoints. 


30-Day Delete Retention 

There is no way to immediately delete your data in Keepit: You, or an attacker who has successfully taken over your identity, will have to wait for 30 days for datasets to be deleted or for accounts to be closed. 

Data Sovereignty  

Select the Keepit data center location of your choice (Denmark, Germany, Americas, UK, or Asia) to store your data, and it will never leave that region. 

Stefan Toefferl Senior Data Center Engineer
Keepit truly is a simple-to-understand and user-centric solution for any scaling enterprise. We trust that Keepit provides the most efficient and flexible backup solution.

Stefan Toefferl
Senior Data Center Engineer ALPLA

One Service to Protect All Your SaaS Apps 

Keepit offers market-leading cloud SaaS backup of the main applications: Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Dynamics, and Google Workspace.  
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