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Keepit Backup and Recovery for Salesforce.

Features list:

Keepit simplifies the complexity of Salesforce, freeing up time for you. Powerful, purpose-built, and easy-to-use features provide peace of mind and increased control:

Simple Setup & Automated Daily Backups
Just link your Salesforce tenant to start backing up - automatically performed every 12 hours thereafter.

Unlimited Storage & Archiving

Never pay for additional storage as unlimited storage and archiving are included with the service.

Custom Retention

Choose from a standard 12 months to unlimited retention, depending on your needs.

No Snapshot Expiration

With Keepit, your snapshots will never expire: restore any object from any point in time.

Versatile Restore

Restore data back to where it originally resided, including single or related objects and records, download directly, or create a secure, shareable link.

Smart Search & File Previewer

The Smart Search identifies non-exact matches, providing relevant results even for misspelled or incomplete searches. The File Previewer shows you the file, ensuring you always restore the right data.

Tamper-Proof Storage

With Keepit’s Merkle tree, blockchain-like technology, your data is immutable in transit and tamper-proof in storage.

Data Sovereignty
Select the Keepit data center location of your choice (Europe, Americas, UK, or Asia) to store your data, and it will never leave that region.