Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is for former customers of Veritas SaaS Backup, who are being reassigned to Keepit on April 2nd, 2022. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact Keepit at:

1. What happens to Veritas SaaS Backup?

Veritas is reassigning customers subscribing to the Veritas SaaS Backup solution back to Keepit. 

The solution known as Veritas SaaS Backup is developed and delivered by Keepit. Keepit has been the vendor providing all the underlying technology and data center sunder the Veritas brand all along.

And the effects of the reassignment are cosmetic – until now, customers have been met by a Veritas logo and colors when they logged in. Moving forward, they will see a Keepit logo and colors.

2. What does this mean for me as a Veritas customer today? 

Not much, essentially...

Your active subscription will remain unchanged, with no changes to the service, terms, and conditions. 

Your backup and recovery will be running undisrupted. Your data will remain in the same Keepit data center region you chose during initial provisioning and not be moved anywhere.

3. Will there be any changes to where my data is stored?

No, it will stay in the same data centers and region as it’s stored in today.

If you would like to use any of our other data centers to e.g., comply with new data sovereignty requirements you may have, please let us know. We have data centers in these regions: US, Canada, Australia, Germany, UK, and Denmark.

4. How do I reauthenticate my account with Keepit?

You need to reauthenticate your connector(s). But don’t worry: It’s a simple, 5-minute exercise, and we will walk you through it.  

Our Customer Success team will reach out to you in the next few weeks to set up a brief call.  

In the meantime, you are very welcome to contact us if you have questions or want to speed up the process.  

Just write to 

5. Can I subscribe to Keepit through a software partner service?

Yes, depending on what is right for you and your business, you can choose either to be a direct customer of Keepit or choose one of our global partners who will take great care of you. If you are currently using a Managed Service Provider who manages your backup, get in touch with We will work with your existing partner to identify the best solution moving forward.

6. Who is Keepit?

Keepit is a Danish software company with 20+ years of experience in building best-in-class data protection services at scale. Keepit is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, and has offices in the US, UK, Germany and Australia.

Our backup and recovery solution provides unparalleled SaaS data protection. Keepit has the world’s only independent, vendor-neutral cloud, and the solution is based on blockchain-verified technology. Leading analysts agree it is the best fit for companies that need Microsoft 365 protection and GDPR expertise. 

You can get to know us fast by reading any of the below:

Read “Why Keepit” here

Read more about our security in our ”Leading SaaS Data Security” guide here

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7. What can I expect from Keepit moving forward?

Terms and Conditions

Your active subscription terms will remain unchanged, and from now on, all aspects of your backup and recovery service will be provided by Keepit. 

The benefits

Keepit customers have direct access to Keepit’s Customer Success Managers, who can: provide free training, answer any questions about cloud backup and recovery in general and the Keepit solution specifically, tell you what is planned in the roadmap, and bring your feedback to our product development team.

Keepit provides backup and recovery for all your key SaaS workloads in one single vendor-neutral platform. Covering Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Dynamics 365, Azure Active Directory, and Google Workspace, Keepit is the best choice for SaaS data protection. Here’s why:

  • Data Availability 24/7
    Never lose access to your data. With Keepit, data is stored in our vendor-neutral cloud instead of public platforms like AWS, making Keepit a true third-party backup.
  • Always Secure: Know Your Data Is Safe
    Our blockchain-verified storage and file system ensure unparalleled security and ransomware protection – data is immutable and undeletable.
  • Simplify Data Compliance
    Stay compliant with regulatory demands. Minimize risk with fast information discovery, GDPR requirements, and easy retention policy management.
  • Instant Search and Recovery
    Get data back in seconds. Locate, preview, and restore with fast and granular search and restore features. Recovery doesn’t get simpler.
  • The Complex, Made Simple
    Get up and running in minutes. Our simple interface requires no training, and you can integrate your systems with our API-First architecture.
  • Cost Effective & Scalable
    Stay in control with enterprise scalability. Flat fee per user including unlimited data storage & retention. No hidden costs.

Want to know more: Book a meeting with our Customer Success Managers