Welcome to Keepit, home of your cloud data.
Keepit is the backup and recovery specialist that has been providing the backup solution behind your Veritas SaaS Backup all along.

You have been using Keepit’s dedicated SaaS data protection service under the Veritas logo, but from April 2nd 2022 your account will be reassigned directly to Keepit. The reassignment details are in the letter you received from Veritas

What changes for you?

Very little. The interface will change slightly – the Veritas logo and colors are replaced by Keepit logo and colors.

Your backup and recovery will be running undisrupted. Your data will remain in the same Keepit data center region you chose during initial provisioning.

What should you do?

Not much. The one thing we do need you to do is reauthenticate your connector(s). But don’t worry: It’s a simple, 5-minute exercise, and we will walk you through it.  

Our Customer Success team will reach out to you in the next few weeks to set up a brief call.  

In the meantime, you are very welcome to contact us if you have questions or want to speed up the process. Just write to customersuccess@keepit.com 

What’s in it for you? 

A lot. You will have direct access to Keepit's customer support, who can answer any questions about the solution. You'll also get access to more services, including our very popular Azure AD backup and recovery - a complimentary service for all our customers. 

Need more information? 

Visit our FAQ page – we’ve put questions and answers in there which we hope you’ll find useful.  

Get introduced to Keepit

Book a meeting with us and we’ll give you a good introduction to Keepit.

We’ll make sure you are fully utilizing everything our platform has to offer: Unique compliance functionality, instant and simple recovery, granular search features, unlimited storage capacity, and more. 

In the meeting, we can also walk you through our partner setup to make sure we address your requirements for assistance.   

Book a meeting with Customer Success here.

Are you a Veritas Partner?

Contact the Partner Success team at Keepit to find out more at partner.success@keepit.com

You can also find out how to become a Keepit partner here