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Two hard truths about data loss (and how to solve them)


Does your data protection strategy involve crossing your fingers and hoping your data is 'safe enough'? 


Don't be shy: we know you’re out there! 


The good news is you're not alone. 


In fact, a recent ESG study found that only 14% of organizations protect over 90% of their mission-critical data. 


You guessed the bad news: this strategy is extremely risky. 

Our upcoming live webinar 'Two hard truths about data loss (and how to solve them)' outlines exactly why you should be taking charge of your data protection strategy and how to do it. 

And while most cloud service providers, including Microsoft 365, offer some degree of data backup, you might be surprised by how minimal it actually is. This brings us to the topic of shared responsibility and why it can't be ignored if you want complete data protection and backup.

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What you'll learn in this webinar: 

  • The risks​ of not having data backup 
  • The financial impact of a successful ransomware attack  
  • The meaning of 'shared responsibility' 
  • What cloud services like Microsoft 365 currently offer to retrieve lost data​ 
  • How to make sure your cloud data is actually secure 

Wondering where to start when it comes to backing up your data? Start by joining this upcoming webinar: 

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About the speaker Anders Dalgaard:  

Anders Dalgaard is the Director of Product Management at Keepit, ensuring that technology implementation and solution onboarding are aligned with the business and technological requirements of the organizations using Keepit for backup and recovery of their SaaS data. He holds a Master of Science in Innovation and Business Development and has extensive experience mapping industry developments and projecting technological advancements, along with matching these to customer needs and solution capabilities.