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We combine user-friendly features for physical device and cloud service backup with the requirements from CIOs, HR departments and legal teams to make a service that will set you and your employees free.

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Access to everything,
wherever you are


You no longer need to worry about remembering where you last worked on a file. Keepit collects all of your data, allowing you to search across devices. And automatic sync means that you have the latest version, and access to older versions, no matter where you are or what device you are using.

Features built with businesses in mind

Automatic Backup and Sync

Set Keepit up for physical devices and cloud services, and it continuously watches all your changes so you don’t have to. This way, you always have your data secured, no matter where it comes from.

Organized Overview

Set it and Keepit continously watch all your changes so you don’t have to. This way you always have your data secured and ready for sharing if you decide.

Share & Access Everywhere

No matter where you are or where your data is, Keepit ensures that you have access from anywhere to everything you ever created.

Organized and Searchable

With multiple devices and services you use every day, it is difficult to remember where your data is. Keepit eliminates this problem by keeping tabs on all of your data from one single point – the Keepit web portal.

Built for Enterprises

With employees coming and going, your active directory is important to ensuring that the business functions smoothly and safely. Keepit integrates your active directory, along with features like single sign on and reporting, to ensure that you meet any compliance rules.

Solid Security

It may not be glamorous, but we take pride in the infrastructure we have built around keeping your vital information safe and secure. All communication and data storage is encrypted, hosted at ISAE 3402 certified hosting centers, and monitored 24/7.

Office 365 backup

Keepit is an independent backup and restore solution that provides an extra layer of security for your company’s Office 365.

The solution makes it possible to secure all of your company’s data, regardless of whether the data is in the cloud or on a physical device. Keepit collects your cloud-based data and data on physical devices, so that it is secure and in one place.


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Securing your data on-premise or in the Cloud?

Business customers have the full flexibility to choose where the Keepit service should be physically located.

Choose between the cloud, a hybrid, or a private on-premise installation.


A complete server side of Keepit deployed and managed on your location of choice. Even behind your own firewalls. You control the management of encryption keys for data at rest. Requires continuous and regular maintenance of the platform and storage.

Hosted with Keepit

All your data will be uploaded to your dedicated storage either on Keepit’s premises or with a vendor of your choice. Keepit maintains the central management of features.

With your partner

All your data will be uploaded to the secure Keepit farm without any complex installation and ongoing maintenance for easy and simple deployment without compromising security.

Partner Program


Our Partner Program is a strong asset for clients, partners and Keepit, creating value for everyone.

We would love to hear from ISPs, hosting providers, resellers, and anyone else interested in Keepit’s consumer and business products. Let’s partner up and create great offerings together!

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