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I have been in the IT business for more than twenty years, and I’ve never before experienced an on-boarding process that was executed with such speed and efficiency!
Jeanne Andersen IT Systems Manager at the Danish Cancer Society

Customer Story: The Danish Cancer Society

The Danish Cancer Society is the largest patient association in Denmark that is devoted to fighting cancer. Its aims are to prevent the development of cancer, to improve patients' chances of successful recovery and to limit the physical, psychological and social side-effects of cancer. The group’s main activities are within research, patient support and prevention. The Danish Cancer Society has around 800 full-time employees, more than 400,000 members, and almost 45,000 volunteers.

Jeanne Andersen is the IT Systems Manager at the Danish Cancer Society, where she has been employed for the last eleven years. Mrs. Andersen is currently responsible for Infrastructure and Office 365.

Migrating to the Cloud

The Danish Cancer Society took the decision to migrate to the Office 365 cloud infrastructure three years ago. Currently, the organization uses Office 365 Exchange, SharePoint for Intranet, and OneDrive. According to Mrs. Anderson, the migration is an on-going process, and the organization is working to integrate more elements of Office 365 into daily use.

Before the migration to Office 365, the Danish Cancer Society used Exchange and SharePoint on-premises.

Collaboration is easier in the cloud

The migration to Office 365 provided the Danish Cancer Society with increased flexibility, a greater capability for mobile working and more secure access to their data. However, Mrs. Anderson explains that Office 365 has also made it easier for employees to collaborate on projects. The cloud infrastructure makes it much simpler to share information between colleagues and departments, as well as with external stakeholders.

Currently, the Danish Cancer Society makes extensive use of SharePoint to collaborate on projects, while OneDrive is predominantly used for the storing and sharing of documents and files.

Why Cloud Backup is important

With the majority of the organization’s workflow and information now in the cloud, secure, third-party data backup became a top priority for the Danish Cancer Society. Besides the importance of keeping their data secure, the Danish Cancer Society needed a method of ensuring constant access to their information in the event of an Office 365 service outage, or external cyberattack.

In order to fulfil these requirements, Keepit was selected as the Office 365 backup solution, as Mrs. Anderson explains:

As we continue to migrate more of our data to the cloud, it is critical for us to have a secure backup solution in place. There have been examples of the Office 365 service being offline for a whole day. Should this happen, and we are unable to access our emails and files, it would cause significant problems for the society. Similarly, it is important that we are prepared for ransomware threats, or other malicious attacks targeting our data. If we did not have a backup solution in place, it would leave us in big trouble!

Jeanne Andersen IT Systems Manager at the Danish Cancer Society

Data security is a high priority

As an organization that deals with sensitive patient data, the security of information is a top priority for the Danish Cancer Society. However, like many organizations around the world, the Danish Cancer Society has not been immune to the damaging impact of cyberattacks. Two user accounts have previously been hacked, which meant that strengthening data security became a key focus for the organization.

In order to improve in this area, the Danish Cancer Society enacted a number of initiatives, including the production of a Data Security Handbook. This is supplied to all employees, ensuring that everyone adheres to the data retention rules. Combined with the peace of mind provided by Keepit's geo-redundant, encrypted backups, with unlimited data retention periods, this significantly enhances the data security of the organization.

Why Keepit was chosen for Office 365 backup

During an evaluation of the data backup options offered by Microsoft, the IT department of the Danish Cancer Society was not satisfied with the solutions available. After further investigation into the available options for secure Office 365 cloud backup, Mrs. Anderson discovered that Keepit was recommended on several occasions. After a thorough validation process, testing the product against the key requirements of the organization, Keepit for Office 365 was selected as the cloud backup solution. An important additional factor for the Danish Cancer Society was that Keepit could offer a local data center, fulfilling a key criterion in relation to GDPR compliance.

Easy on-boarding with Keepit

Implementing a new software solution can be a difficult and time-consuming process, but Mrs. Anderson was fully-satisfied with the service provided by Keepit’s staff. Her IT team enjoyed an effective dialogue with Keepit’s support team during the process of connecting their Office 365 service to Keepit. In addition, follow-up support was handled efficiently.

From the second we signed the contract with Keepit, it didn’t even take a week until we were up and running with a full backup of our Office 365 service,” explained Mrs. Andersen. “I have been in the IT business for more than twenty years, and I’ve never before experienced an on-boarding process that was executed with such speed and efficiency!

Jeanne Andersen IT Systems Manager at the Danish Cancer Society

Initial impressions and next steps

In addition to being confident that their organization’s data is securely backed up and always available, Mrs. Anderson notes some additional benefits from using Keepit.

“It gives us peace of mind to know that there is full backup of all our cloud data,“ Mrs. Anderson adds. “But Keepit has given us a much clearer overview of our Office 365 data, and provides greater ease of use too.“

Next steps for the Danish Cancer Society include using Teams for Office 365, which will also be automatically and securely backed up as part of the Keepit service.

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