Data center security

Security is an essential element in delivering a data protection service. It impacts how Keepit is built and architected, as well as the global data center partners we meticulously choose.

Keepit data centers: The cloud version of the 3-2-1 backup principle

With Keepit, data is held in two physically separate data centers per each region available. Every data center location within a region is a complete mirror image of the other, done in a load-balanced way so one full location can be offline without any service interruption. This is standard data protection best practice.

This architecture gives a fundamental edge to Keepit and its customers with storage of backup data in two separate, mirrored locations. And, since each location has full copies of user data, with two mirrored physical locations, you can rest assured that, with Keepit, your data which will always be available to you, regardless of your SaaS vendor’s status.

Data availability

Because Keepit’s unique infrastructure is architected around multiple data center in each region, with the data centers operating in active-active mode, continually keeping data replicated between them, any single system can fail without affecting the operation of the platform. Even a full data center site can fail without affecting the platform. This keeps your data reachable and available for restore even in the unlikely event of the loss of a full data center.

On top of this, all individual systems of course employ their own component-level redundancy. Adding it all up, we keep multiple copies of your data, throughout your entire backup history, giving you peace of mind.

Data sovereignty

To meet customer data sovereignty requirements, Keepit operates a cloud in multiple regions, across the Americas, Europe, UK, and Asia-Pacific – currently in USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Denmark, and the UK.

Each cloud is run from data center locations provided by Keepit data center partners Equinix and Cibicom. The data center regions are completely isolated from the others, offering full data sovereignty to our customers. And because Keepit owns its own cloud and stores data in local data centers that are completely separate from SaaS vendors (the only backup vendor to do so), customers can backup their data independently of Privacy Shield agreements.

Data center partners

We apply the same diligence to security when we select data center partners as we apply to the security of our platform architecture.

Keepit’s primary data center partner is Equinix. Equinix data centers are recognized globally for exceptional levels of security. And since each location has full copies of user data, with two mirrored physical locations, our clients can rest assured that their data will always be available to them, regardless of their software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendor’s status.

Keepit can confidently guarantee that our infrastructure ensures all customers' data will remain in situ, with no middleware transmissions outside regions. We’re proud to be the first and only vendor that can make that claim.

Data center locations

Keepit offers backup services from multiple data centers across the world through our partners Equinix and Cibicom. To meet data sovereignty requirements, data is stored in Keepit’s data hosting locations in either Americas, Europe, or Asia-Pacific. Each data center location is completely isolated from each other, offering full data redundancy and sovereignty to our customers.

With this structure, we keep four copies of data across at least two physical locations in each region. Safeguarding your data is key for us.

All data center locations feature a high level of certification. All data centers are managed under ISO 27001.

Data security in transit

A significant variety of security measures are used to protect and safeguard your data. Encryption in transit and at rest is implemented, using the latest and greatest best practices.

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Green data centers

Keepit reached this important green energy milestone ahead of other cloud-based backup vendors who store customer backups with Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. The three tech giants aim to become 100% emission-free between 2025 and 2030.

Keepit recognizes the importance of limiting the environmental impact of cloud service operations and that reducing the carbon footprint is an important step in addressing the issue.

Keepit primary data center partner Equinix is one of the world’s leading, green-by-design digital infrastructure companies to run data centers.

All of Keepit’s data centers located in the Americas and EMEA are powered by 100% renewable energy. Keepit’s move to power its data centers with 100% renewable energy is part of a growing trend among tech’s biggest players to use clean energy wherever possible.

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Keepit’s security certifications

As your trusted cloud backup vendor, we’re serious about the security of your data. Keepit holds both the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification and the ISAE 3402-II certification (audited by Deloitte annually).

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Security around Keepit

As your trusted cloud backup vendor, we’re serious about the security of your data. Keepit holds both the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification and the ISAE 3402-II certification (audited by Deloitte annually).

To read more about our certification and our data center partners’ certification, read Keepit’s whitepaper on Leading SaaS Data Security.