Effortless, secure, and reliable recovery

Boost your data security and IT efficiency with our fast, robust, and immutable SaaS data backup.

One platform for many jobs

We keep your vital SaaS data secure, compliant, and readily restorable, regardless of what comes your way. And we save you on costs while doing it. Here’s how we’ll benefit you:


IT efficiency



Fast, granular, complete

Day-to-day recovery

Instant access, fast recovery. Any data loss can be disruptive, but with our granular data recovery and multiple restore options, you can get data back comprehensively and quickly with hot data storage, reducing negative impact to operations.

“We are restoring missing data on a daily basis, and Keepit makes it possible for a single admin to manage the data of 1,500 users.”

81% of Microsoft Office 365 users had to recover data, but only 15% were able to recover 100% of their data.

Source: ESG, Keepit Technical Validation, 2021

Saving on costs, increasing output

Optimize IT efficiency

SaaS license costs add up, departed user data is valuable, and it takes time to onboard and offboard. Make the most of your IT resources with Keepit to boost your ROI. Here’s how we’ll do it:

Keep former employee user data active for free. Stop paying for departed users’ SaaS licenses AND keep their data live. It’s the best of both worlds.

Save hours offboarding and restoring users. Save one hour* per user offboarding and one hour* per restore with Keepit. That’s hundred of hours and thousands of dollars.

SaaS service for high ROI. 100% built for the cloud which means easy setup, low maintenance, hassle free data management, yet high reward: 163%* 3-year ROI!

Value for money. Learn how you can achieve ROI of 163% for your organization with Keepit.

Source: Forrester, Total Economic Impact, 2024

Reliable, future proof, easy

Ensure compliance

Staying compliant with all the regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, NIS2 (and more are coming) can be daunting. That’s why we help you handle it all, now and in the future, to ensure you stay compliant and avoid fines.

Retain data for as long as you need to. Stay compliant with each and every regulation. Retain data securely for the time you are legally obligated, or longer if you need.

Audits made easy. Quickly locate data across applications with enhanced search, extended filtering options, and audit logs.

Fines prompted by top data breaches and privacy abuses in 2022 amounted to 2.7 billion dollars.

Source: Forrester, Lessons Learned From The World's Biggest Data Breaches And Privacy Abuses, 2022

Proactive cyber readiness

Disaster recovery

Always have access to your data, no matter what. Vital to disaster recovery readiness and proactive security is having backup data stored separately from the production data. Keepit’s true backup does this via our vendor-independent cloud, which makes it easy to adhere to the 3-2-1 backup rule.

Disaster recovery and restoration. When a disaster occurs, get peace of mind knowing that your data is immutable, complete, and restorable. Having Keepit as part of your cyber-readiness plan means you can recover all of your data in the event of a disaster.

Continuous data monitoring: Multi-workload insights and awareness in one platform view. Quickly identify outliers and abnormal changes in data growth in your backup to trigger appropriate investigation. Remain data resilient no matter what.

75% of businesses have been victim of a successful ransomware attack in the last year.

Source: ESG, ESG Ransomware Preparedness, 2023

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True third-party backup and recovery

Keep your favorite SaaS application data and metadata immutable, always accessible, and quickly recoverable with our granular restore functionalities. With the broadest services coverage range and transparent pricing, you’ll see why Keepit is the best choice for minimizing risk, strengthening cyber resiliency, and ensuring business continuity.