Backup and Recovery for Azure DevOps. Leading protection for your key DevOps tools.

Keepit’s comprehensive protection and fast recovery for your Azure DevOps Boards and Pipelines data and metadata. Our granular protection delivers fast recovery to minimize disruption to mission-critical activities.

  • Protect against large scale disasters:
    Protect Boards, including work items, boards, backlogs, team sprints, queries, and delivery plans, as well as Pipelines. Restore items with full metadata, including comments, custom fields, and attachments.
  • Protect against day-to-day data loss:
    ​Rapid recovery of “oops” deletions or changes. Instantly reset pipelines to known-good state to recover from mistakes or side effects.
  • Strengthen security and compliance:
    Maintain a long-term immutable escrow copy of sensitive Azure DevOps data to deliver compliance with your data protection requirements

Keepit Recognized as a Leader in The Forrest New Wave™: SaaS Application Data Protection, Q4 2021

Why backup of Azure DevOps matters?

Better Coverage

Azure DevOps has limited disaster-recovery coverage. Keepit’s fine-grained incremental coverage protects you both against “oops!” scenarios as well as against large-scale incidents, giving you better protection than offered by Microsoft.

Pipelines Protection

Azure DevOps Pipelines are the backbone of CI/CD (continuous integration / continuous deployment) DevOps workflows. Keepit protects these critical automations with “last-known-good” point-in-time restores and change identification that help you quickly roll back your pipelines to a good state and keep your DevOps on track.

Boards Protection

Azure DevOps Boards play a pivotal role in project management and enable teams to drive both effectiveness and efficiency through collaboration, optimization, and visualization. Ensuring Boards data is never lost or inaccessible is key to minimizing risk of disruption. Keepit’s backups include work items, boards, backlogs, team sprints, queries, and delivery plans.

Light, fast, easy

Keepit’s advanced data protection tools are easy to use, with no agents or deployment required. You can start protecting your Azure DevOps data in less than five minutes. Manage backup and recovery operations from the DevOps team, without requiring heavyweight IT support.

Why Companies Globally Trust Us

Customers around the world have made Keepit their preferred SaaS data protection choice. Here’s why they trust Keepit to keep their cloud data safe:

Business continuity 

Preserve access to essential data and continue business operations with clean copies of your data 

Instant recovery 

Find what you need quickly and restore individual records or entire application datasets in a few clicks 

Leading security 

Prevent attackers from manipulating your backups and minimize the risk of data breach with reliable security

Cost effectiveness 

Never worry about overage costs or hidden surprises with simple and transparent pricing that saves you money

Outstanding simplicity

Minimize deployment efforts and significantly reduce admin time with a simple platform made to improve efficiencies

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Dedicated to SaaS Data Protection, Loved by Customers

The world's only independent vendor-neutral cloud dedicated to SaaS data protection, Keepit is trusted by thousands of companies worldwide to protect and manage their cloud data.

Leading analysts agree Keepit is the fastest and most secure enterprise-class SaaS backup and recovery service.

ESG validates Keepit’s backup and recovery solutions. Learn more here

We have saved quite some files in Office365 through Keepit and it has never let us down. It's easy to use, easy to introduce to new IT staff and the team behind seems very willing and open for new suggestions to integrations.

Oliver D
Manager systems
200-500 employees

Covers all our backup needs for the Office 365 suite - including Teams. Simplicity - easy to setup and get an overview.

5000 employees

It's purely SAAS solution that does not require us to constantly purchase new hardware. It allows administrators to easily monitor, review and restore M365 data

Senior Global IT Infrastructure Specialist
Packaging & Containers
5000-10000 employees

Good product, easy to use and with a good overview. I get a good overview in KeepIT, it takes backup of all the Office 365 products.

IT Administrator
Government Administration
1000-5000 employees

Keepit adds the possibility to restore Microsoft Cloud data which is not possible out of the box. It will prevent the loss of data in the cloud, which is very valuable for us.

Administrator in Information Technology
5000-10000 employees

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