Data hosting locations across the world America – Europe – Asia

Global Data Centers and World-Class Security is our pride.

Security is the most important aspect of delivering a data protection service. This ties into how Keepit is built and architected, but also the global data center partners, carefully selected by Keepit.

Data Center Locations

Keepit offers backup services from multiple data centers across the world through our partners Equinix and Global Connect. To meet data sovereignty requirements, data is stored in Keepit’s data hosting locations in either Americas, Europe or Asia-Pacific. Each data center location is completely isolated from each other, offering full data sovereignty to our customers.


All data center locations feature a high level of certification, amongst these all data centers are managed under ISO 27001. In addition we keep all data in 4 copies across at least 2 physical locations in each region. Safeguarding your data is key for us.

Data Security

A significant variety of security measures are used to protect and safeguard your data. Encryption in transit and at rest is implemented, using the latest and best practices with TLS 1.2 only and a unique symmetric 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). Passwords are stored using a 256-bit SHA2 hashing and large random salts.

Certifications and Compliance

Keepit meets demanding regulatory requirements, making it easy for you to comply with compliance requirements. To ensure the highest operational security standards, Keepit holds the following certifications:

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification for information security management systems. Read more about it here
  • ISAE 3402-II certification (audited by Deloitte annually)

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Keepit storage and security design. Purposely built for high-scale, fast access and secure storage of vast amounts of data – that’s been Keepit’s design principle. Read the in-depth view right here.

Built for the cloud

The Keepit architecture is centered around a multiple data center strategy for redundancy. Each location is a complete mirror of each other set-up in a load-balanced way so one full location can be offline without service interruption.

The architecture gives a fundamental edge for Keepit and its customer with storage of backup data 2 separate locations and with 2 copies in each locations you can rest assured Keepit holds 4 copies of your data.

Storage Encryption and Blockchain

Keepit has been built to be tamper-proof offering a guarantee that data stays immutable. The application does not expose any APIs or other means that allow data overwrites. Furthermore, the application uses a patent-pending, blockchain algorithm, which makes any low-level tampering impossible and easily evident.

In addition, Keepit features a deletion retention of all configured backup connections of at least one month thereby completely protecting the customer from data loss due to ransomware attacks.


As can also be seen on the right each software component of Keepit has been developed with scale and speed in mind. Below are some important points on the software stack:

  • No single point of failure in the platform - any single system can be lost without affecting the operation
  • Front-end nodes are the load-balancers; front-ends can be added as needed to scale
  • All internal components are simple single-purpose components
  • All internal components can be scaled vertically and horizontally
  • Any number of full platforms can be deployed for perfect isolation and scalability
  • Each location has 2 full copies of user data = 4 copies in total


  • Seamless scalability to millions of users
  • Storage Islands support to facilitate complete knowledge of customer data location
  • Multi-threaded processes to leverage easy scaling of each important workload. Adjustable down to tenanet level.
  • Intelligent backup algorithm ensures maximum throughput
  • Ability to deploy multiple independant instances of Keepit for increased scalability
  • Fully automated deployments Encryption

Ready for tomorrow

  • Not API first – API only!
  • One API – Integrate once
  • All features available as API end-points
  • Cloud Backup SDK
  • Licensing: License configuration, provisioning and deactivation through API or Web UI

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