A platform secure to its core

Cyberattacks hit fast. Reputations years in the making can be undone instantly. Our hallmark security protects your SaaS data — and your company — now and into the future.

Data centers

Our state-of-the-art data centers are located in North America, Asia, and Europe, which makes complying with data sovereignty simple. Pick the data center region you want, and your data will never leave that region.

And within each region, we employ two data centers that are completely isolated from each other. This design offers full data redundancy by utilizing two separate, mirrored data centers, each one holding multiple copies of your data.

Data security

Keepit safeguards your data with a significant range of security measures. Encryption in transit and at rest implements the latest and best practices with TLS 1.2 only and a unique symmetric 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). Passwords are stored using a 256-bit SHA2 hashing and large random salts. 

Ransomware recovery

Achieve faster restoration and ensure business continuity when a ransomware attack occurs. The ransomware threat is growing. Be ransomware resilient by reducing risk and enabling seamless recovery through robust backup.

Benefit from granular, instant, and prioritized disaster recovery of critical data in place with Keepit. Tailor a disaster recovery plan that fits your business needs. Your data is restored in the format you need, including metadata and hierarchies.

Compliance and certifications

Keepit puts an end to maintaining compliance requirements, because we make it surprisingly simple to adhere to GDPR and other compliance requirements. The days of when you physically stored backup tapes offsite with an “air gap” have been replaced by Keepit’s independent cloud platform, which provides the same level of security as the air gap but for your modern cloud workloads and with the agility you need.

Our cloud platform “air gap” is a feature that was baked into the design principle from the very beginning to ensure you always adhere to regulatory compliance requirements.

Platform architecture

Our storage and security design principles are guided by building software for high scalability, fast access, and securely storing vast amounts of data. Keepit’s architecture gives Keepit and our customers a fundamental edge with storage of backup data in two separate, mirrored locations where backup data is kept separate from the production environment.

To prevent data interruption, your backed-up data is fully isolated from your SaaS vendors’ cloud, whether Azure, AWS, G Cloud, or something else. Being vendor neutral also ensures your data is available at any time.


Fully automated data protection across all the popular SaaS apps

Keep your favorite SaaS application’s data and metadata immutable, always accessible, and quickly recoverable with our granular restore functionalities. With the broadest services coverage range and transparent pricing, you’ll see why Keepit is the best choice for minimizing risk, strengthening cyber resiliency, and ensuring business continuity.

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