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Our biggest challenge with Office 365 is that is out of our control. We need an independent backup solution such as Keepit to secure our Office 365 data and allow for quick restore.
Flemming Selchau IT Manager at Basisbank 

Basisbank chose Keepit to add an extra layer of security for their Office 365 data, and to comply with the legal regulatory requirements of the FSA.

Required Office 365 Backup with Fast Restore 

For historical reasons, Basisbank currently has two mail systems with integrated backup on local servers. Basis-bank has chosen to switch to Office 365, currently on top of the two underlying mail systems, but with the plan to close down these two mail systems in favour of the Office 365 cloud solution.

The moment the two existing mail systems and thus also the implicit extra data copy is terminated, it is import-ant that an independent Office 365 backup solution on a secondary location is running stably. Basisbank wants to be in control of the data security.

IT Manager at Basisbank Flemming Selchau explains, 'Our biggest challenge with Office 365 is that it is a cloud-based Microsoft solution that is out of our control. When we decide to move all mailboxes to Office 365, we can not live with the fact that our Office 365 data makes us 100% dependent on Microsoft. We need an independent backup solution such as Keepit to secure our Office 365 data and allow for quick restore.'

Selchau decided to integrate Keepit backup for Office 365 in order to be fully prepared for the moment when Basisbank has fully migrated to Office 365. 

Basisbank chose Keepit because: 

  • Basisbank is able to maintain the high level of data security 
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements for data backup in outsourcing 
  • Keepit offers the required features 
  • Keepit cloud backup solution offers excellent price/performance, particularly with its Office 365 solution 

Subject to Regulatory Requirements

As a financial company, Basisbank has a number of legal obligations, and is subject to specific regulatory requirements regarding outsourcing. When embracing a cloud-based solution like Office 365, these requirements must be respected.

One of the legal requirements is that data backup must be ensured. One of Selchau’s main challenges with the Office 365 transition was how to ensure sufficient Office 365 backup. Microsoft's backup options were not sufficient, neither in terms of the legal requirements, nor Basisbank's internal requirements. For this reason, Selchau decided to implement Keepit as a secondary independent backup solution that would provide full data security for Basisbank's Office 365 data. 

Keepit as a Functional Tool

In addition to the legal requirements, Basisbank has defined a number of additional requirements for the backup solution. Besides ensuring automatic backup of the company's Office 365 data, the solution also had to offer a quick search function and restore process.

Selchau elaborates, 'We wanted to be able to use the extra backup application for something more in our daily work. For us, Keepit is a backup solution that also helps us increase employee efficiency. For example, Keepit allows us to easily find a lost email, and we can also restore the email quite fast. Rather than spending 14 days working on this, Keepit now ensures a much more efficient operation.'

Selchau wanted Keepit to fill in the missing functionality that he experienced with Office 365 solution, and save time for employees.

Simplified IT Architecture and Financial Savings 

Once Basisbank is only using Office 365 instead of two e-mail systems, Selchau expects a significant simplification of the bank's IT architecture. This will mean that Basisbank can remove the two existing mail servers and avoid the complexity and maintenance they require. Selchau sees a much simpler set-up with Microsoft Office 365 cloud solution in combination with Keepit automatic cloud backup at a secondary location, in which the primary function of Keepit is to ensure that Basisbank will not compromise on the data security, although both solutions are located in the cloud. Additionally, this set-up will also ensure financial savings for Basisbank. 

An Accessible and Affordable Solution 

The price of the solution has been an important parameter in the choice of backup supplier.

Selchau stresses, 'Office 365 is a relatively affordable solution, and a third-party backup solution should measure up to this. The balance between price and performance has to be right. And I think Keepit has got that just right.'

Besides adding security and functionality to Office 365 at a fair price, Selchau also considers it an advantage that Keepit is a well-established company. 

The Right Solution for Basisbank 

Like many other Keepit customers, Basisbank acknowledged that an independent backup for Office 365 was a necessity to maintain a high level of security. Rather than rely on one supplier, Keepit adds an extra layer of security for Basisbank's Office 365 data, whilst ensuring that Basisbank is complying with the legal regulatory requirements.

The solution of combining Office 365 and Keepit as an independent backup solution will simplify the IT architecture of Basisbank, with the added bonus of financial savings.

In their daily work, employees will benefit from Keepit's various features, such as an easy search function and quick restore.

In other words, Keepit is meeting IT Manager Flemming Selchau's expectations for a cloud solution in terms of price, functionality and user interface. 

Basisbank has experienced these benefits using Keepit:

  • With an independent additional cloud back-up from Keepit, Basisbank is in control of the bank's Office 365 data 
  • The backup solution from Keepit serves as a daily tool that contributes to a simple and efficient workflow for employees 
  • Keepit fills in the missing Office 365 functionality 
  • The combination of the two cloud solutions ensures financial savings for Basisbank

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