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Dynamics 365 is a great suite of applications to manage your business – but also puts your data at great risk.

Unfortunately, Dynamics 365 doesn’t offer native and flexible and granular recovery capabilities for user data.

In Dynamics 365 customers are offered a daily copy of the full instance kept for 3 days where after it is deleted. There are no option to restore individual data objects on a granular level or choose a long retention time.

Keepit for Dynamics 365 ensures full protection and granular recovery options of any data object including its relationship as a choice without any service disruptions.

Quickly find those missing objects with Keepit’s unique universal restore view and search capabilities and instantly restore in-place.

Unique and tamper-proofed storage your guarantee data stays untouched.

Archive and retention is key to Keepit and you have the option to retain data for as long as needed allowing you to offload archiving tasks with Keepit.

What is covered?

Dynamics 365 builds on the common data model and Keepit for Dynamics 365 covers a whooping 500+ data objects ensuring you to capture every bit of critical business information retaining all relationships.

Below are the main applications currently supported by Keepit:


When you work with your sales relationsships you build valuable insights and every bit of those are kept safe and recoverable using Keepit.

Field Service

On the road you empower your field service reps with a ton of power from scheduling, automation and mobility to help customers quickly. Ensure a 24/7 on-call service without any disruptions.


Fully integrated with your Dynamics 365 Sales application – Dynamics for Marketing helps you turn prospects into clients and now you can stay on the safe side on keeping the business momentum without loosing it to critical downtime

Customer Service

Win the trust of your customers providing the best possible service and never miss a beat should incidents happen and recover lost data without service disruption.

Project Service Automation

When you build your company on project deliveries you need to stay safe to keep the trust of your clients.

Never loose any vital project information with Keepit

Restore Options

No backup solution is better than it’s restore capabilities. Keepit for Dynamics 365 offers a second to none restore options.

Important is that Keepit allows to get data back again even if that data is part of a relationship – Keepit ensures you can restore those relationship if needed.

  • Direct in-place
    When restoring a specific object it can be done directly into your production system with the choice of i
  • Instant Preview
    Any object within Keepit can always be previewed for quick comparison with other versions and verification of it being the correct version.
  • Download
    Any Dynamics 365 data object can be directly downloaded as structured data objects for more advanced script processing or simply re-entry if better suited.
  • Shareable Links
    As any other workload in Keepit all objects can be shared with colleagues to extend verification or allow for quick download for local processing.

Universal Restore View

Keepit as the only solution in the market features a highly unique access to your data. Browse your point in time snapshots covering the retention span you have chosen. Or simply search for specific items and choose to do this across time.

Keepit crunches terabytes of data in an instant giving you a very low effort supporting your organization in recovering from data loss.

Keepit As a Service

There is no need for servers, software or operations when choosing Keepit as everything is included. Having direct access to your data from anywhere in the world you will never have to buy capacity or hire a competent technical team. Everything is included.

  • Compliance
  • GDPR
  • Audit Log
  • Job Monitor
  • Validation
  • Status Monitoring

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