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The story behind Keepit Listen to our founders talk about Keepit’s history and the vision for the future.

At Keepit, we believe in a digital future where all software is delivered as a service.

We’re expanding and looking for talent to join the journey.

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Keepit’s mission is to protect data in the cloud

Keepit is a software company specializing in Cloud-to-Cloud data backup and recovery. Deriving from +20 year experience in building best-in-class data protection and hosting services, Keepit is pioneering the way to secure and protect cloud data at scale.

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Back in the old days Co-founders Frederik and Morten

The Story Behind

Keepit’s co-founders, Morten Felsvang and Frederik Schouboe, met in high-school, where they discovered a mutual passion for technology. In 1996, they founded their first hosting company, that became one of the biggest hosting companies in Europe. Morten and Frederik sold off the hosting business in 2018, to put full focus on Keepit.

The Future

As organizations are migrating data to the cloud, Keepit is experiencing a strong demand for third-party backup services. The company has received great support from customers, partners, and investors, and is expanding globally.

Keepers (The Human Factor)

At Keepit we’re all Keepers. Joining Keepit and becoming a Keeper also means joining a passionate and ambitious family, where entrepreneurial thinking is embraced in a caring environment.

Can you see yourself at Keepit? We’re on the constant look for talented, ambitious, and caring people.

Job Openings