Customer Success Stories

Don’t take our word for it. See how companies ranging from startups to enterprises use Keepit to secure their digital companies.

We searched the market extensively for backup and restore products ahead of choosing Keepit as the right solution for the University’s needs for long-term data retention.

Lasse Thomsen,
ITS Manager at Oxford University Innovation

“For us, Keepit is a backup solution that also helps us increase employee efficiency. For example, Keepit allows us to easily find a lost email, and we can also restore that email fast.”

Flemming Selchau,
IT Manager at Basisbank

“By choosing Keepit for Office 365 we are sure that we meet the regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical industry in relation to data security.”

Kristian Lilholm,
IT Manager at Orifarm

“Of the three options we had selected for our proof-of-concept test, Keepit was by far the most user-friendly backup solution. There is no doubt that the simple user interface is one of Keepit’s greatest strengths”

Tonny Nordal,
Office 365 Manager, CO-RO Group

“We found that Keepit was fully meeting the standards, enabling us to comply with our investors’ requirements
on data retention and security.”

Nikolaj Hviid,
Founder and CEO, Bragi

”I had the impression that the Office 365 package from Microsoft included data backup. I was a little surprised when I found out that was not the case.”

Thomas Knudsen,
IT Manager, Pilgrim A/S

“With Keepit we have found a backup solution that secures all of our employees’ data, whether they are stored on their
workstation or in Office 365.”

Michael Wax Due,
IT manager at Konventum

“After having secured our Office 365 data with backup from Keepit, I feel confident about our security. Now we dare to work with sensitive data in Office 365. “

Morten Andersen,
IT Manager at Roskilde Technical College