Why Roskilde Technical College secures their data with Keepit

Chose to secure their Microsoft 365 data further with the Keepit backup solution for Microsoft 365.

Roskilde Technical College employs about 400 workers, all using Microsoft 365. The college chose to secure their Microsoft 365 data further with the Keepit backup solution for Microsoft 365.

Fear of Cyber Attacks

Before establishing an independent backup of Microsoft 365, IT manager Morten Andersen’s worst nightmare was a cyber attack on Roskilde Technical College. 

Since Microsoft did not give Andersen a full backup and restore option, the college could lose important training materials and sensitive documents from Payroll and Finance. 

"Ultimately, it’s me as IT manager who has the overall responsibility. So if, for example, our data on the Microsoft 365 platform was corrupted, I would be to blame", Andersen explains. 

According to Price Waterhouse Cooper’s Cyber Crime Survey 2016, fear of cyber crime is most common among IT managers, business managers and specialists from Danish companies. 159% of 250 respondents have been exposed to cyber attacks within the past year, and the number of cyber attacks is increasing, and with greater consequences. Cyber crime poses a growing threat to data security among businesses and institutions. And with 400 Microsoft 365 users at Roskilde Technical College, it was critical for Andersen to establish an independent backup of Microsoft 365.

Understanding Local Legal Requirements

Besides meeting all the technical requirements, one of Andersen’s main criterion for his solution was the supplier. He wanted a local supplier that was reliable, and who understood the local legal requirements.

"Call us old-fashioned, but it is important for us that our backup vendor has a physical local presence and is available day to day," Andersen emphasizes.

This is a criterion that Keepit hears often from customers. Very few people are interested in leaving important and confidential data in the hands of an unknown supplier abroad.

When Andersen surveyed the market for backup solutions, he experienced a somewhat mixed market, and quickly decided that he did not want to do business with a supplier that nobody knew of or could recommend.

Easy to Move User Data

Another decisive factor for choosing Keepit, was the feature to easily and quickly move data from one user to another. As an educational institution, Roskilde Technical College has a natural turnover of teachers, and it is important that it is possible to easily move the data between users.

One of the problems we experienced with Microsoft 365 was that it was really complicated to move the data from one user to another. With Keepit, we can now move data between users in an easy and quick way - it's just perfect.

Morten Andersen

IT Manager, Roskilde Technical College

Cloud Backup rather than On-Premises

Roskilde Technical College went through a process where cloud as well as on-premises backup solutions were investigated. Andersen was unsure whether a cloud solution was able to meet the college’s high safety requirements. He chose the Keepit cloud backup as the most competent and trustworthy solution.

Andersen admits that it was a huge mental leap for him to choose a cloud provider rather than a locally based solution with on-premises backup. That’s because you need to rely on the supplier 100% when you give it access to your secure data via cloud.

Keepit Secures Sensitive Information in the Cloud

After the Keepit implementation, Andersen no longer worries about using Microsoft 365 for extra sensitive information. 

We have taken a massive leap because we trust that Keepit keeps our data safe in the best possible way,” says Andersen who now sleeps peacefully at night. Keepit gives him confidence that the college's Microsoft 365 data is safe and secure and can easily be restored in the event of a cyber attack or user errors.to do.

Morten Andersen

IT Manager, Roskilde Technical College

User-Friendly Solution with Local Support

Andersen and his team find Keepit to be easy to install and praise the simple and user-friendly interface.

The Keepit backup solution is easy to understand and apply for all kinds of users. Roskilde Technical College is also happy about Keepit’s support team, where they can quickly get help without having to go through a time-consuming support filter.

Roskilde Technical College has experienced these benefits with Keepit:

  • Microsoft 365 data is safe in case of ransomware and user errors 
  • Easy to move data between users 
  • Security for easy and fast restoration of data if disaster strikes 
  • A safe and secure solution that enables Morten Andersen to allow Microsoft 365 for extra sensitive information 

The Right Solution for Roskilde Technical College

Roskilde Technical College has chosen to secure their Microsoft 365 data with the Keepit cloud backup solution. During the selection, IT Manager Morten Andersen emphasized that Keepit is a recognized and well-established IT company that offers local support.

Keepit provides Morten Andersen an easy way to restore data in the event of cyber attacks or user errors. With Keepit, Morten Andersen has raised the college's IT security to the level where he can allow Microsoft 365 for sensitive information.

The IT team is happy that Keepit can easily move data from one user to another, as is often required at the college. A major benefit is that the solution is easy to use.