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Privacy Policy

Last updated: 27/8-2019

The following is a description of our privacy policy when you use our website, Please refer to our Terms of Service for the Keepit Cloud Backup Service (from here on out referred to as the “Keepit Service”) after purchasing the service.

Contact information

Keepit A/S

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Background and purpose

This privacy policy (from here on out referenced to as the “Policy”) describes how Keepit (also “we”) collect and process the digital footprints hereunder personal data that you leave on our website, or any other platforms, that we use as mentioned below, when you visit or ask for support. When you use our website or platform services, you consent to the terms of this Policy and the reasons within for processing your personal data.

The Policy can be updated, which is why you should always refer to the most recent updated version.

This Policy only concerns the use of our website and does not have affiliation with the Keepit Services.

Keepit collects and processes the following personal data when you use our website and support services:

  1. Business information: name, company details, postal address, e-mail address, other contact information, hereunder your business contact information and your business credit card information and/or other information you provide in order for us to deliver our Services to you and/or your company.
  2. Targeted information: age, interests, postings, comments, chat or other content that you upload or post on our website, movements, and behavior on our Services.
  3. Automatically obtained information: browser, IP address, time used on our website, device, operating system, and other software details that will appear from your visit.
  4. Information from cookies and tracking technologies: please refer to our Cookie Policy.
  5. Any other information that you voluntarily provide when you apply for a job through our online job application form.

Keepit does not seek to collect, process, or store sensitive and/or personal data, unless we need the information in order to deliver a service that you have requested, or for legitimate business reasons, like improving your experience of the website or promoting our product.

You are responsible for the validity of the information that you provide us, and therefore you are responsible for seeking consent from any person or legal entity that you may deliver information on.

Reasons for processing your information

Keepit collects and uses your data to improve, protect, promote, and provide our website and support services. Your personal data can also be collected for the following purposes:

  1. “Request a trial”: We collect and process your personal data and information, if you provide it to us, when you “Request a free trial” through our website. The information can be (but not limited to) your name, company, e-mail, phone number, and country. The processing of your personal data in this connection is foundend in your consent, because you voluntarily fill in the data on our website. When you do “Request a free trial” you are referred to our support site, please refer to the section “When you submit a support ticket”.
  2. Account: We collect, store, and associate the information that you provide if you have agreed to sign up for an account with one of our Senior Executive (SE) sales associates. The processing of your personal data in this connection is foundend in your consent, because you voluntarily fill in or disclose the data to our SE.
  3. For providing you with our services according to the agreed terms, and to provide you with a good customer experience. The processing of your personal data in this connection is foundend in consent, because when you enter our website Keepit needs some basic information in order to maintain and show you a website. As to our Keepit Backup Service, please refer to our “Terms of Services” for how we process and protect your personal data.
  4. For sending you newsletters or notifications which you will have consented to prior.
  5. To communicate with you for support reasons in order to have your input through posting or chatting with us on the website to develop, improve, and personalize your experience on our website and of our services. Please refer to the section “When you submit your support ticket” below.
  6. For marketing and promotion reasons in B2B relations. We only contact leads that have already given their consent to be contacted. The consent can have been given either directly to us or our partners. For more information, please refer to Section “Leads” below.
  7. To handle your application or other personal data in regard to your application or employment, your data is only processed in order to fulfill contractual obligations with you or with your prior consent. For related information, refer to section “When you apply for a job” below.

You can always ask us to delete your personal data again. Please refer to the section “Data subject rights” below for more information.

It is important to outline that we collect and use the data described above in order to provide you with safe, reliable services while improving your experience on our website. The data is only collected and used for legitimate business reasons, and if we should want to process or transfer your data for other purposes, we will ask you for your consent to do so in advance.

Personal data received from third party

In the event that we have received personal data and information from a third party, we take reasonable measures to verify if the third parties have ensured your consent to process your data. Such verification can be documentation of your consent.

If you experience that your personal data has been given to Keepit without consent, you are welcome to contact us and perform the rights of a data subject as mentioned below.

Third party technologies and third country transfers

Keepit uses third party technologies such as, but not limited to, Google Analytics, Leadfeeder, and Hubspot, for advertising reasons, which use cookies to analyze your usage of our website. We use the information to improve our website and for marketing reasons. This information can be sent to a server outside of Europe and stored there. On behalf of this website, the personal data is evaluated to give a report on how you have used the website. Your IP address is for this purpose possibly recognized and stored on Google’s, Lead feeder’s which are possible stored on third country servers. The solutions does not present or link your IP address or any personal data to us in a manner that is personalized. That means that we might have registered and stored your IP address, and that Google also does, but we have not connected it to your person. It is important to outline the information is anonymized, and we solely use it to improve or promote your experience on our website and our services.


Keepit uses LinkedIn and Sales Navigator lead generator system for B2B marketing and promotion reasons. Sales Navigator is integrated in Salesforce, which Keepit uses to structure and handle lead and general customer information henceforth. Sales Navigator is solely used for marketing reasons and Keepit does not store data in Salesforce longer than we need to in order to provide you our Services. For more information, please refer to the section “Retention period policies”. The legal basis for handling your personal information is article 6.1a in the General Data Protection Regulation.

For information about how we have retrieved your consent for marketing reasons, please refer to LinkedIn’s privacy policies and terms and conditions.

Keepit only uses third country partners that we know comply with European data protection laws. Both LinkedIn and Salesforce are part of the EU-US Privacy Shield frameworks, which you can read more about below in section “When you submit a support ticket”.

If you regret your given consent for marketing purposes, please contact Keepit and the company that you have given the consent to.

When you submit a support ticket

On our support site,, you fill in the following information: e-mail, subject, product area, and description, in order for us to provide you with Q&A. As a costumer, you are instructed to minimize the amount of personal data that you provide in the “description” field: never put in sensitive or confidential data.

The data you fill in is solely used to help you the best way possible. It is important to state here that the data you fill in on our support site is not in any way connected or transferred to Keepit Service.

The supplier of our support service is Freshworks and they are located in the US. Some of your personal data might therefore be sent to a country outside of the EU and EØS. We can inform you that the Commission has made a decision on the adequacy of the protection level of personal data transfer between the US and the EU. The Commission has in this relation allowed free transfer of data to certified EU-US Privacy Shield companies in the US. Freshwork complies with this. You can read more about the EU-US Privacy Shield here.

However, you should always consider carefully which data you provide and if it is necessary. Please refer to the section “Security Measures” below for the integrity and importance for Keepit to protect your personal data.

When you apply for a job

Keepit only stores information that is required of us in order to process your application. We only process data that you have given us. The personal data can entail, but not limited to, your name, address, phone number, previous employment, etc.

If you apply for a job through our HR system, Bamboo, you will be asked to fill in personal data and upload your application. You therefore consent to Bamboo process and store your information. Bamboo’s position is solely to deliver a service of structure and to make the process from application to hire easier.

We do not transfer personal data to a third country without your consent.

We have implemented policies to make sure that we delete applications and other personal data related hereto as soon as we do not need it anymore or no later than 6 months after, you have applied, unless we are required to store it for longer in order to comply with the law or from contractual reasons.

Also, we use DocuSign to send employment contracts to applicants.

Retention period policies

Keepit only process personal data with a legitimate reason as described above. Be aware that we may need to hand over or keep some or all data if it is required of us in order to comply with the law.

We have selected records for management and keep retention policies and procedures so that personal data will be removed after a reasonable time and in accordance with the following criteria:

  • As long as you have an account.
  • While we assess that you have need of our services.
  • Or in order to comply with our legal and contractual obligations.

We will keep your personal data for as long as you want us to or for no longer than reasonable to proceed with the above, and in any case no longer than ultimately 10 years, which only will be the case if required by law. We may store your personal data in order to protect or improve our legal position. We delete or anonymize your data when there is no longer a need for it.

Data subject rights

Under European law (the General Data Protection Regulation: GDPR) you have data subject rights. If you meet the conditions, you can request us for the following in connection with your personal data:

Give access and a copy: this means that you are entitled to know if we posses any of your personal data. Hereafter, you can have a copy of it.

  • Rectification: if you notice that we need to correct your personal data if it is inaccurate or incomplete.
  • Objection: you can make an objection so we stop processing your personal data.
  • Delete your personal data.
  • Restrict the usage and processing of your personal data: this means that we minimize what data we process, so we only process data within the given limit you provide.
  • Data transmission: under certain conditions you can ask us to transfer your personal data in a structured, normally applied, and readable way. Also you can have this data transferred from one data controller to another.

Please be aware that most of the data that we collect comes from information that you have provided or given consent to. Therefore, it is essential that you make sure that you have given the right information, e.g. like updating your Account. Note that you are at any time free to withdraw your consent. We will thereafter proceed to delete your personal data on your request without undue delay.

Please note that certain personal data may be exempt from the abovementioned due to applicable data privacy laws or other regulations.

If you wish to exercise the abovementioned, you can contact us at

Conditions and complaints

You can read more about your data rights or how you meet the conditions on the website of Datatilsynet: There you can also turn in complaints about how Keepit processes your personal data.

Security measures

At Keepit, securing and keeping our costumers’ personal data safe is the key pillar of our business structure. It is therefore in our best interest to protect your data and always improve our security. We will always protect personal data in accordance with applicable law and make a principle of securing you in the best ways possible. We have also secured appropriate organizational and technical security measures to protect you against any breaches.