Compliance and continuity

Comply with all regulatory policies and maintain data availability with the Keepit solution

  • Disaster recovery
  • Business continuity
  • Data protection

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Why we are the best partner for compliance

Data immutability

Baked into our solution, your backup data is Immutable by default and stays in pristine condition, no matter what.

Independent cloud

Our vendor-independent cloud supports data protection best practices with true air-gapped data storage.

Granular recovery

Prioritized data restoration and shareable links allow for rapid restoration of the most business-critical data first.

Data governance

Data backup and recovery are integral to compliance. European born and operated, Keepit specializes in backup management and disaster recovery and prioritizes compliance by designing services to make complying easier for customers.

We strictly comply with all relevant regulations in all our operational regions. Our data center regions enable customizable backups to meet any and all local regulatory demands, ensuring comprehensive data protection. 


Immutable by default, our air-gapped data storage on a separate infrastructure means your data is always accessible, ensuring you can comply with any data reporting and handling requirements.

Keepit adheres to the strictest data protection standards. Our company-wide ISO certification means ultimate trust can be placed in us keeping your data safe. We don’t rely on sub-processors, so there’s no one else accessing or handling your data.

Business continuity

With Keepit, data is stored in our vendor-independent cloud instead of public platforms like AWS, making Keepit a true third-party backup. Your SaaS application data and metadata remain always accessible and restorable.

Our broad services coverage supports data classification systems across multiple SaaS workloads, enabling you to prioritize your data and restore exactly the data you need when you need it.

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Ensure business continuity

Protect your critical SaaS data

Be compliant always

"Keepit is great as it provides us with the security and comfort that our valuable information and data is being stored securely."

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Awards and endorsements

Keepit compliance

Watch our video on how evolving global cybersecurity and privacy regulations impact your organization and why compliance is crucial. Learn how partnering with Keepit ensures data sovereignty, robust security, and adherence to standards like GDPR, NIS2, and SEC guidelines, safeguarding your critical infrastructure and future-proofing your operations.

Recommended by analysts

Forrester positions Keepit as a 'Leader' within SaaS application data protection and recognizes it for:

  • Offering strong core SaaS Application Data Protection support and privacy regulation compliance
  • Being the 'best fit for companies that need Microsoft 365 protection and GDPR expertise'
  • Its 'significant experience with data privacy and compliance needs'

Here’s some examples of how we meet compliance needs

No matter the regulation or directive, we can help

The NIS2 Directive


Keepit enables compliance with the EU directive on protecting digital infrastructure, sensitive business data, and personal data. For cyber resiliency, having a backup stored separately from primary data in an independent cloud infrastructure is essential. This ensures compliance and business continuity through 24/7 data accessibility and robust recovery functionality, hallmarks of Keepit’s backup and recovery service.

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Keepit facilitates GDPR compliance, offering robust data protection against ransomware and aiding in implementing necessary workflows for regulatory adherence. We stand as the only backup provider fully implementing GDPR's Article 17 and Article 32, making Keepit an indispensable tool in your GDPR compliance journey.

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Keepit makes compliance easier by providing robust backup and recovery solutions, ensuring data resilience for critical entities. With Keepit, organizations can proactively manage risks and safeguard essential services, aligning with CER (Critical Entities Resilience Directive) requirements for comprehensive risk assessment and resilience planning.

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SEC guidelines

Compliance entails describing cybersecurity risk management programs, disclosing governance information, and implementing clear risk assessments, response, and recovery plans. Investments should prioritize business-critical systems supporting essential functions. SaaS applications like M365 and Entra ID fall into this category, both of which Keepit protects.

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The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) imposes requirements on the retention of related documents. These must be retained for at least six years from creation or, for policies, from the last effective date. Such requirements often exceed what SaaS applications' built-in capabilities offer. Keepit supports up to 99 years of custom-configured retention.

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The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) was introduced by the EU to enhance the digital operational resilience of the financial sector. Article 12 specifies backup and recovery requirements, emphasizing the need for robust data protection and business continuity measures. Keepit can help you meet DORA compliance with segregated backup systems, granular data recovery, and immutable data integrity, ensuring data availability.

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"We needed an easy and cost-efficient setup that is still secure and is compliant with GDPR, while still providing 100 percent uptime. Therefore, we ended up with Keepit."

Nenad Ljubetic

Head of IT, Alfred Talke