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Boost your cyber readiness with our robust SaaS data protection platform.

Effortless protection and control

Confidence in business continuity

Keepit provides next-level SaaS data protection purpose-built for the cloud, by securing data in a vendor-independent cloud to safeguard essential business applications, boost cyber resilience and future-proof data protection.


Delivering next-level
SaaS data protection

Independent backup of your SaaS data

We own our tech stack and operate a vendor-independent, cloud-native infrastructure, so you'll always have data availability. Our certified security means you’re fully protected against data loss: Human error, cyberattacks, malicious deletion, even when your SaaS vendor is down.

72% of businesses will tolerate less than one hour of downtime.

Source: ESG, Data Protection for SaaS, Feb. 2023

Business continuity and IT efficiency

Never suffer from disastrous data loss again with our complete and granular recovery features. Recover data intelligently and fast, getting individual files or entire app datasets back fast in only a few clicks — with protection across all of the most popular SaaS applications.

The average cost of a data breach in the United States in 2022.

Source: IBM, Cost of a Data Breach, July 2022

Regulatory compliance and peace of mind

Tamper-proof data storage means data availability 24/7. Easily comply with even the strictest data policies like GDPR and NIS2 with guaranteed data sovereignty: Pick the data center region of your choice and your data will never leave that region.

75% of businesses have experienced ransomware attacks in the last year.

Source: ESG, Data Protection for SaaS, Aug. 2023

Value for money. Learn how you can achieve ROI of 163% or more for your organization with Keepit.

Source: Forrester, Total Economic Impact, 2024

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Is data protection in the cloud your responsibility?

Yes, you’re responsible for your SaaS data. It’s a common misconception that data in the cloud is automatically backed up. All SaaS providers, such as Microsoft, Salesforce, Google, follow the shared responsibility model where you own your data and identities and they own the network, apps, and OS.

Understanding models like these means the difference between losing data and securing it, so we’ve gathered everything you need to know about getting started with protecting your SaaS data.

SaaS data backup and recovery trusted by 1,000s of customers

Are you ready for NIS2 compliance?

Is your company part of Europe’s critical infrastructure, directly or indirectly? And are you prepared to meet the NIS2 cybersecurity standards?

Cutting-edge ransomware recovery

Become ransomware resilient by reducing risk, ensuring continuity, and enabling seamless recovery through robust backup.


Fully automated data protection across all the popular SaaS apps

Keep your favorite SaaS application data and metadata immutable, always accessible, and quickly recoverable with our granular restore functionalities. With the broadest services coverage range and transparent pricing, you’ll see why Keepit is the best choice for minimizing risk, strengthening cyber resiliency, and ensuring business continuity.

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