Keepit Helps Abacus Medicine Remain Secure and Agile

Compared to Veeam, Keepit offers the most complete coverage of M365 at a competitive price point.

Nikolaj Friis Krøyer

Global IT Manager at Abacus Medicine

Downtime Isn’t an Option

For a pharmaceutical company, data loss can have significant financial and legal consequences. As a result, a long data retention period is essential. Keepit provides Abacus Medicine with the required 5-year retention period.

For Abacus Medicine, downtime isn’t an option. In order to adhere to the 3-2-1 backup strategy, they needed to ensure a true backup—which requires a logical infrastructure separate from the primary M365 data—something The Keepit Cloud provides.

Complete Coverage

Since the pandemic, the 1000+ Abacus Medicine employees have been using Teams, leaving a hefty trail of files across SharePoint sites.

In the event of data loss, you need quick and easy access to backed-up files – Keepit makes this possible. It’s very comforting to know that Keepit backs up all files shared through Teams.

Nikolaj Friis Krøyer

Global IT Manager at Abacus Medicine

Granular Restore

Another feature that sets Keepit apart is the high level of granularity. This means that the user can instantly access individual files that may have been deleted by accident, rather than having to revert to a snapshot of the entire dataset.

The Right Choice for Abacus Medicine

According to Mr. Krøyer, onboarding was simple and efficient. In addition, Abacus Medicine rarely finds the need to reach out to Keepit’s support team due to the intuitive and user-friendly platform features.

Keepit is easy and intuitive. It’s pretty much a self-contained platform that requires very little monitoring.

Nikolaj Friis Krøyer

Global IT Manager at Abacus Medicine

About Abacus Medicine

Danish pharmaceutical company Abacus Medicine supplies original prescription medicines in Europe through parallel distribution. As part of the vital pharmaceutical industry, Abacus Medicine has to comply with a set of strict regulations and safety practices: Data storage is no exception to this rule. After an extensive due-diligence process, Abacus Medicine chose Keepit to secure its business-critical Microsoft 365 data.