Deakin University levels up their data protection with Keepit

From 2-week to 2-hour data recovery

When the shift to the cloud was suddenly right in front of them, Deakin University needed a secure solution to back up and recover their SaaS data. Tim Forshaw, Data Centre Manager, Deakin University, shares that through his extensive research he found Keepit to be faster, more secure, and more user friendly than other vendors on the market.

Keepit offers confidence in recovery – no matter what

Knowing that Microsoft’s native offering wasn’t enough, Tim proposed Keepit due to its independent, cloud-only status. The Keepit solution provided the promise that Deakin University’s Microsoft 365 apps would be completely secure. Even if data was temporarily deleted, all could be recovered completely.

We use Keepit, and we’ll shout it from the rooftops. It just does what it says it’s going to do. We don’t have outages. If we need to recover a mailbox from 3 years ago, we’ve got it within hours.

Tim Forshaw

Data Centre Manager, Deakin University

Significantly faster data recovery

In the past, it could take Deakin University weeks to organize a data recovery. They would typically hire a skilled engineer to work through the lengthy process of organizing tapes, archive boxes, and more. Now that the university is using the Keepit solution, their data recovery process typically takes place the same day. Now, when Tim Forshaw’s team recovers data, the recovery time unit is in hours or minutes instead of several weeks.

It makes a big difference at the solicitors office when they know they can meet with us and feel confident that our team can probably get any data they need – due to Keepit’s reliable backup and recovery solution.

Tim Forshaw

Data Centre Manager, Deakin University

Improved business relationships and reputation

The benefits of working with Keepit have a positive domino effect when it comes to the university’s business partners – and especially, their legal team.

For larger data recovery requests, Tim’s team works with their solicitor to work through all the details. In addition to aiding in the efficiency of his team, Tim shares that working with Keepit has made a world of difference for their solicitors, too.

Whenever they meet with the solicitors on a specific data recovery case, the legal team is confident that they can quickly work through the case because Tim’s team can recover all needed data using the Keepit solution. As Tim says, “Keepit makes us look good. Keepit makes them look good.”

It used to take 2 weeks for a highly trained engineer to recover data for us. Now there’s no need for a Senior CIS admin to do it. Our team can work on it, and we can say, ‘We’ll have it this afternoon.’

Tim Forshaw

Data Centre Manager, Deakin University

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