10-Year Data Retention Requirement Guaranteed with Keepit

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GCP rents and manages apartments across Germany focusing on the quality of the apartments and outstanding tenant service. Keepit protects GCP’s business-critical data, ensuring compliance and instant M365 data access.

Having Keepit as our trusted cloud backup provider guarantees that our M365 data continues to be secure and available at all times.

Eldad Omer Deputy CIO & Head of IT

10-Year Retention Ensures Compliance

According to Deputy CIO & Head of IT Eldad Omer, the most difficult compliance requirement to fulfill in Germany is the 10-year retention period of all financial data. Add to this, the ability to quickly find data for audits and other legal cases, making high data availability a key requirement for GCP.

With Keepit’s private, vendor-neutral cloud, GCP’s business-critical data is stored at two separate locations independent of Microsoft’s public cloud, applying the classic 3-2-1 backup strategy to the cloud. GCP’s data has always been protected by the highest level of security, and it continues to be as more data is stored in the cloud.

Passing a strict due diligence process, Keepit proved to meet the requirements of GCP:

  • 10-year retention period
  • Minimum 2 data centers at separate locations
  • 2 automated backups a day
  • High data availability
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Single sign-on

Easy to Find and Share Data

With Keepit, IT admins can process requests from GCP’s legal department within a day. Granular restore features paired with the platform’s intuitive UI allows admins to quickly find Outlook, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks folders for a particular user, which can then be recovered using the PST Download feature. Admins can easily share entire outlook folders with the GCP legal team, who then identify the requested file in accordance with the strict and binding General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements.

Restoring data that was deleted months ago is one of the most common requests we receive. This is not possible with Microsoft’s 93-day retention period.

Eldad Omer Deputy CIO & Head of IT

Minimize Downtime, Maximize Availability

With eDiscovery features, Keepit helps GCP ensure business continuity and minimize downtime. One of the most valuable features for GCP is Keepit’s Deleted Items View, that allows admins to search across all historical backup datasets and through time. The Snapshot feature makes it possible to identify the exact file before initiating a restore.

One of Keepit’s strengths is instant availability: We are restoring missing data on a daily basis, and Keepit makes it possible for a single admin to manage the data of 1,500 users.

Eldad Omer Deputy CIO & Head of IT

Simple Pricing

Estimating the cost for 10 year-retention was not a straightforward process with other vendors like Veeam and AvePoint. With Keepit however, there are no hidden costs. GCP licenses active users in M365 - all the rest is included in the pricing: Storage, infrastructure, SLAs, 24/7 support, and more.

Calculating backup costs over a longer period of time is made simple with Keepit.

Eldad Omer Deputy CIO & Head of IT

With Keepit, GCP has a guaranteed data management and protection platform that provides high data availability, granular restore functions and a 10-year retention period.

With Keepit, we are adding an extra layer of security, safeguarding confidential user data.

Eldad Omer Deputy CIO & Head of IT

GCP rents and manages apartments across Germany. The focus is on the quality of the apartments and outstanding tenant service. GCP ensures that good, affordable housing is created and maintained over the long term

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