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In search of a secure cloud backup solution, Park 'N Fly chose Keepit as their Microsoft 365 backup and recovery solution. An easy-to-use solution, Keepit saves time and gives the IT team at Park 'N Fly peace of mind. 

No More Micromanaging Multiple Backup Applications   


Prior to using Keepit, Senior Director of IT Ken Schirrmacher shares that his daily tasks involved micromanaging multiple backup solutions – a time-drain that stole energy from his day-to-day workload. Keepit’s easy-to-use solution provides the comprehensive backup that Park 'N Fly needs, giving Ken’s IT team the opportunity to focus on other tasks. 

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Our everyday is busy enough with keeping everything up and running. Keepit's solution does its job in the background so that we can focus on other tasks.

Ken Schirrmacher, Sr. Director of IT/Interim CIO at Park 'N Fly

Microsoft Backup “Not Enough”   

Aware of Microsoft's own recommendation to use a third-party backup, Park 'N Fly decided that relying on Microsoft for backup wasn’t enough. After all, in the event of data loss, Microsoft may not be able to deliver a data restore. Park 'N Fly chose Keepit as their backup solution to ensure that their data was being backed up twice daily, giving them peace of mind knowing that their data was safe in the event of data loss or data deletion.  

Why We Chose Keepit - Watch the Customer Story

If you don't have third-party backup and Microsoft cannot restore your data, you're just out of luck. We went with Keepit to ensure both consistent backup and long-term retention of our data.

Ken Schirrmacher, Sr. Director of IT/Interim CIO at Park 'N Fly

Unparalleled Ease of Use  

When Park 'N Fly first started using Keepit, they were amazed at how easy it was to setup and use the platform. For the first time in a while, Senior Director of IT Ken Schirrmacher explains that he didn’t have to have “four or five different versions of the software running” to secure the backup.  

I can't speak more highly about the fact that I can have Keepit running in the back end, and I know it's backing everything up.

Ken Schirrmacher, Sr. Director of IT/Interim CIO at Park 'N Fly

Keepit's reliable and easy-to-use backup solutions save the Park 'N Fly IT team time and energy so that they can focus on their daily tasks while Keepit runs quietly in the background. Park 'N Fly's Senior Director of IT Ken Schirrmacher expresses that his day-to-day tasks run much smoother now that Keepit reliably backs up data. 

I like to call Keepit a Steady Eddie. I know it's working; I know it's running, and I don't have to sweat it.

Ken Schirrmacher, Sr. Director of IT/Interim CIO at Park 'N Fly

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About Park 'N Fly 

Park 'N Fly is the leader in affordable offsite airport parking, providing an easy way to save time when parking at the airport. Park 'N Fly's convenient service picks customers up in their car and transports them to their desired airport terminal. Park 'N Fly has been the leader in off-airport parking for 55 years.  

Keepit Recognized as a Leader in The Forrester New Wave™: SaaS Application Data Protection, Q4 2021