Great features
- developed for your needs

Businesses, partners and end users all benefit from Keepit’s feature set. How will you use Keepit?

Interacting with your data

icon_file_overviewA great overview

View your documents, images and videos on any device. Not just the file name and some random properties related to the data.

icon_version_controlVersion control and restore

You can access and restore your data on any device with your user account, making it easy to access your data and move it to new devices.


Easily and securiely share data with colleagues or external partners. You can even limit the amount of time others can access your shared data down to a single minute.


Find your stuff easily and quickly. No need to search specific devices or folders. Our search functionality shows your data independently of where it was originally stored.


Collaborate securely without limiting your productivity. Keepit eliminates the usual pains when collaborating with colleagues or partners.

Automated synchronization

Install, backup and sync forever. Every little change to your data will be synchronized
across all devices.

A reliable cloud service


All communication and data storage is encrypted, hosted at ISAE 3402 certified hosting centers, and monitored 24/7 in detail.

Restricted access

Limit features and access for selected users or groups. Be in charge of what data can be shared with your Keepit solution.

Cloud Connector

Easy setup and backup of your existing cloud services. Currently supporting Office 365, Google Drive, FTP and IMAP services.

User management

Gain a complete overview and management of users and sub-users. Users can be created and removed on the fly.

Features for businesses


Set up Keepit to log any access to your content, making it easier to provide a full audit trail if it is required by your policies.


You get a great overview of how much data is being backed up, stored and shared across your organization.


We offer world-class support to all users. How you want it, when you want it. We are here to make sure you get the most out of Keepit.


A transparent overview of interrupted or stopped backups, ensuring that you can see that all relevant data has been secured.