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Microsoft 365

80% of the Fortune 500 use MS365, which is why Keepit offers one of the industry’s most robust backup and recovery solutions to keep business moving.

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Entra ID (formerly Azure AD)

Don’t get caught on day 31 when Entra ID’s (formerly Azure AD) 30-day backup responsibility expires. Keepit protects your data forever and offers quick recovery.

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Google Workspace

Google Workspace is all about productivity, so imagine the productivity crash when Workspace data is compromised, and Google’s limited backup isn’t enough. Imagine no more with Keepit.

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A data breach or accidentally deleting Salesforce data can lead to major business disruption. Keepit protects Salesforce, not to mention preventing those fines for GDPR non-compliance.  

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Azure DevOps

Every day, MS Teams records critical and sensitive information, so losing it could create sizeable setbacks. Keepit protects calendars, panels, Team sites, and more.  

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Power Platform

You rely on Power Platform to build, integrate, and manage technology solutions, so rely on Keepit to ensure those apps can be quickly restored.

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Dynamics 365

Losing Dynamics 365 data can dramatically impact sales, marketing, supply chain, and other key operations. Keepit offers peace of mind that this critical data is always available. 

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Managing customer interactions through Zendesk is the heartbeat of any organization. Keepit preserves that valuable customer data and interactions to keep business going.  

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