Protect Office 365 in your company

Backup is often overlooked because many think protection is included in SaaS

But Cloud data can also get lost, accidentally deleted or held ransom – and Microsoft is only responsible for the infrastructure

Keepit for Office 365 protects your company data and provides the #1 Backup and Data Protection Coverage on the planet


  • Easy, Azure-AD integrated setup

  • Find and restore in seconds

  • Everything included

Gartner: Dangerous to assume SaaS doesn’t need backup

Companies deploying SaaS applications often assume the vendor provides adequate data protection, and therefore overlook the need for backup.

In their May 2019 report entitled “Assuming SaaS applications don’t requre backup is dangerous”, Gartner helps infrastructure and operations leaders understand the need for backup and to develop an appropriate strategy for each SaaS application. Learn more about the report here.

Unlimited continuous backup

We’ve got you covered. Regardless of how much data you have, or how much trouble your users cause! Keepit will secure all of your valuable Office 365 data in all versions, including deleted items.

We cover all of your user generated Office 365 data within:

Exchange Online

Mail incl. in-place archive/Online Archives, Contacts, Tasks, Calendar
Public Folders: All mail messages + subfolders & user permissions


Files and folders, inherently all versions

SharePoint Online

Permissions, Site Columns, Site Content Types, Sub-sites, Document Libraries of Classic and Communication Sites, Lists

Teams & Groups

Conversations, Calendar, Notebook, Planner, Files, Team Sites, Channels (wiki & conversations)

IDC: Importance of Data Loss Protection in a data economy

IDC believes backup is atop the digital agenda as an important service. The digitally transformed organization understands the need to protect its data. The transformational movement also promotes technologies like blockchain. In a data economy we produce, process and use data close to real time.


Key Takeaways
  • More than half of all security breaches lead to data loss
  • Data Loss Protection is key to IT security priorities
  • Data is the ultimate responsibility of any organization moving to the cloud
  • IT Security is funded strategically in half of the surveyed organizations

Daily Backup – 365 days a year

With several backups a day, we ensure that you can access Office 365 without any fear of disruption due to data loss. Your data is saved by default for 365 days – and can be set to as long as you like.

Reliable and Secure Backup

Keepit is using industry leading 256-bit encryption at rest, as well as in transit. You will get a true geo- redundant backup. Keepit saves your data in 4 copies at a minimum of 2 data centers.

Unlimited Retention? No problem!

Keepit offers unlimited retention for all files and emails, and helps you meet regulatory requirements for data backup. In other words, it’s possible to retain your data for legal or compliance requirements.

We give you peace of mind:

Keepit has no data caps or costly coverage charges. All is included! Keepit gives you the confidence and peace of mind that comes with knowing that you will never risk losing valuable data.

Travel back and forth through your files

You can call us Office 365 time machine. Browse files and retrieve lost data from any time or event. We even retain all file permissions.

We support all of your restore needs

Filter, sort or search across your data and find exactly what you need to restore in a flash: a single e-mail, filer or folder, or a complete mailbox. And start restoring!

Access and restore from any device

Keepit allows you to access and restore your backup from any device – computer, mobile or tablet – making your options truly mobile.

Everything included

Keepit has no data caps or costly coverage charges. All is included!
Keepit gives you the confidence and peace of mind that comes with knowing that you will never risk losing valuable data.

Data Loss in the cloud

Despite popular belief, the fact is you can lose data even if your company stored them in a cloud. According to an Aberdeen Group analysis, lost data typically falls into 3 major categories:

  • Human error (accidental deletion and overwrites)
  • Hacking or Ransomware (malicious intent)
  • Closing accounts

Keepit adds an extra layer of security to your companys’ Office 365, giving you peace of mind knowing your data is safe.