10-Year Partnership: Adapting to the Market Together

"It’s really easy to collaborate with Keepit. We’ve created a strong partnership built on trust that has surpassed 10 years." Anders Kaad, CTO of IT Relation

Serving Customers’ Cloud Data Needs

According to IT Relation CTO Anders Kaag, it is key to choose partners who are constantly evolving and adapting to the market. The partnership with Keepit began with the monitoring software Sysorb and is to this day, the best solution to remain competitive in the changing market is Keepit.

Partnering with Keepit means always being at the forefront of cloud SaaS data protection

Anders Kaag

 CTO of IT Relation 

Highest Level of Data Security

"When Microsoft releases a new feature or service, we ensure that every customer has the most secure and complete third-party backup for their M365 data. Keepit has enabled us to provide this" .Anders Kaag CTO of IT Relation 

Keepit provides the highest level of security. Data immutability, along with the wide range of global data center regions ,is key for customers of IT Relation. User data is always safe and available under any circumstances, complying with EU regulations, including GDPR. 

"It’s important for us that our customers feel safe, and Keepit provides us with a worry-free backup and recovery solution." Anders Kaag CTO of IT Relation.


Easy to Use = Easy to Sell

Another great benefit for IT Relation is that the Keepit solution is easy to install and even easier to manage–regardless of the number of users. The onboarding of new customers is a straightforward process, with little to no waiting time for both IT Relation and their customers: Everything is done through the Keepit platform. Keepit’s fast and easy recovery, intuitive features, and user-friendly interface make it remarkably easy to sell.


A Strategic Partner for IT Relation

Keepit’s SaaS backup services are a key addition to IT Relation’s portfolio, which are not only promoted to new customers but also have proven to be a great cross-selling asset to IT Relation’s existing Microsoft 365customers.

"Keepit’s solution allows us to easily administer many customers, making our job easy all while ensuring a great customer journey." Anders Kaag CTO of IT Relation 

IT Relation supports over 75,000+ users across 55 countries, IT Relation is one of Denmark’s largest IT outsourcing companies providing the best IT solutions to support their customers’ growth potential.IT Relation provides digitalization, outsourcing, IT security, 24/7 support and other premium services to their global customer base. 

About IT Relation

Danish IT supplier and outsourcing company IT Relation has relied on Keepit for over 10 years to provide the most innovative cloud SaaS backup solution to their customers.