Why Austrian IT Security Specialist Quorum is Both a Keepit Partner and Customer

As one of the country’s leading IT security specialists, Quorum ensures businesses throughout Austria meet complex data security and availability requirements. The decision to offer Keepit as part of their portfolio was a given. After all, Quorum themselves use Keepit to protect their business-critical data.

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As both a Keepit customer and partner,
we are the ultimate proof of concept.

Alexander Paral

Managing Director, Quorum

A Strong, Straightforward Partnership

For Mr. Paral, it’s vital that Quorum maintains competitive margins in its go-to-market strategy. Keepit’s partner-oriented program and collaborative approach help it do just that, while also ensuring Quorum’s customers are secure and compliant.

The Best Support in the Business

According to Mr. Paral, offering competent support in a timely fashion shouldn’t be a key differentiator in the industry, but it does set Keepit apart. Keepit teams take pride in offering truly best-in-class support to customers.

Partnering directly with Keepit rather than through Veritas greatly improved our customer offering. It’s much easier to deal directly with Keepit –we get a fair price, competitive margins and an easy-to-use partner-friendly platform.

Alexander Paral

Managing Director, Quorum

Trust Us, We Trust Keepit

Quorum trusts Keepit’s cloud backup offering to protect its own business-critical data – the ultimate proof of concept. Mr. Paral explains that as Keepit customer, Quorum staff can easily showcase Keepit’s ease of use and benefits to their customer base:

"With Keepit in our portfolio, we provide solid, reliable SaaS data protection to large enterprises and SMBs in Austria." Alexander Paral, Managing Director, Quorum.

Download Quorum partner case

About Quorum

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Vienna, Austrian IT-security specialist Quorum delivers tailor-made security, business development and IT storage management solutions. Their mission is to ensure that businesses meet complex data security and availability requirements.