🛑 You have clicked on a simulated phishing test

To help you stay safe in the future, here are some tips about spotting and reporting phishing attempts.

Tip 1

Did something feel suspicious? Have you checked the sender's address? Have you spotted any differences?


Tip 2

Red flag missed. It seems like you missed something. The sender's domain looked similar to ours, but it is different. 

Always check the sender's email address for small, but critical differences that can lead you to a malicious destination and cause major problems for Keepit. 

Tip 3

When in doubt, throw it out! If you have doubts, report any suspicious email and our team will help you. 

Reach us by email: Phishing@keepit.com

⚠️ Stay alert for more simulations in the future. These lessons also apply to your personal cyber protection routine outside of work.

If you want to lean more, please read our brochure "Phishing: What to do?"