Keepit featured in Computerworld Denmark

Nov. 27, 2019

“Forget about offshoring your IT developers – how we built our IT development department in Ukraine with 52 developers”

It’s common practice to outsource and offshore development tasks to other markets to secure the best possible developers with the right skills and capabilities. However, Keepit decided instead of using an offshore agency to open its own division in Ukraine where the now 52 developers and employees are hired under the same benefits as the employees in Denmark. This has secured a much higher company loyalty and a great company culture in a very agile industry with a lot of job switching. At the same time it has secured a better workflow with the main office in Denmark.

"Apart from the fact that we work together via Teams, I can't think of a single thing that I would expect to get by hiring a person in Denmark that I don't expect to get there and vice-versa. Our Ukrainian employees are as much a part of the Keepit-family as the employees at the Danish office."

Rune Hauberg Brimer

Product Manager at Keepit

"We have established the same benefits for them as here in Denmark with maternity leave and children's first sick day as well as other things they are not used to. And we are not required to do this, but we only think it’s fair."

Frederik Schouboe

Co-founder and CEO at Keepit

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