Protect, Control and Restore your company data in the Cloud

We’ve got you covered. Regardless of how much data you have, or how much trouble your users cause! Keepit will secure all of your valuable cloud data so you can focus on staying productive.


Data in the cloud can also be lost

The cold hard fact is that you can lose data even if it is stored in the cloud. Keepit Cloud Backup secures your cloud data, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is safe.

What is Keepit?

Keepit is the industry leader in cloud-to-cloud backup, empowering enterprises to extend data protection best practices to the cloud.

Keepit protects your cloud data and leaves you free to leverage new cloud technologies without fear of data loss. Simple to set up and deploy, with the best restore options available so you can find and recover historic data in no time.

The Keepit platform is ready for any Cloud Workload and offers full retention on your terms – from 1 year to eternity. Born with indexing and search to ensure you always have the complete view of your data. 

Office 365 Backup

Keepit for Office 365 is the most complete solution for securing all your Microsoft Office 365 data:

Exchange Online

Mail incl. in-place archive/Online Archives, Contacts, Tasks, Calendar
Public Folders: All mail messages + subfolders & user permissions


Files and folders, inherently all versions

Teams & Groups

Conversations, Calendar, Notebook, Planner, Files, Team Sites, Channels (wiki & conversations)

SharePoint Online

Permissions, Site Columns, Site Content Types, Sub-sites, Document Libraries of Classic and Communication Sites, Lists

Setup is a breeze and can be done with a few clicks. Keepit protects your entire Office 365 tenant making it easy to do item-level restores or even complete tenant disaster recovery.

Google Suite Backup

Keepit for Google Suite automatically backs up G Suite Apps to secure you from costly and sometimes catastrophic data loss. Get back data quickly and efficiently with just a few clicks.

  • Gmail
  • Google Drive
  • Google Team Drive
  • Google Sites

Simple to set up, with daily backups of your G Suite data and in-place restore or export of all protected data.

Salesforce Backup

Keepit for Salesforce automatically backs up all main objects of your Apps to secure you from costly and sometimes catastrophic data loss. Get back data quickly and efficiently with just a few clicks.

  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Leads
  • Opportunities
  • Activities
  • Notes
  • Cases
  • Plus all custom fields on all above object

Simple to set up, with daily backups of your Salesforce data and in-place restore or export of all protected data.

Coming Soon

You have spoken – and we have listened! Keepit for Dropbox is on the way, and as always we are developing a solution that will provide the best protection for your data, while building on the fantastic usability and high-performance storage platform that powers our other Cloud-to-Cloud backup services.

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Securing your data on-premise or in the Cloud?

Business customers have the full flexibility to choose where the Keepit service should be physically located.

Choose between the cloud, a hybrid, or a private on-premise installation.


A complete server side of Keepit deployed and managed on your location of choice. Even behind your own firewalls. You control the management of encryption keys for data at rest. Requires continuous and regular maintenance of the platform and storage.

Hosted with Keepit

All your data will be uploaded to your dedicated storage either on Keepit’s premises or with a vendor of your choice. Keepit maintains the central management of features.

Public Cloud

Bring your own Azure storage or let Keepit manage it for you. Choose the deployment model that fits your data protection policies with Microsoft Azure Storage. Keepit will simply upload all backup content to Microsoft Azure without loosing any functionality. Easy, no compromise option for the cloud enabled company.

Partner Program

Our Partner Program is a strong asset for clients, partners and Keepit, creating value for everyone.

We would love to hear from ISPs, hosting providers, resellers, and anyone else interested in Keepit’s consumer and business products. Let’s partner up and create great offerings together!

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