What’s the business risk of not backing up Azure AD?

VideoBy Paul Robichaux

Keepit’s Paul Robichaux, Microsoft MVP and Keepit Sr. Director of Product, explains the math of not protecting Azure AD (Entra ID).

"It’s all about the probability of 'x' expected damage. The probability: 2/3 of Azure AD admins don’t use MFA. With 50 million password attacks daily targeting Azure AD, you can be pretty sure you’ll be on the receiving end of a successful attack one day. Or a system outage. Or human error."

The damage: Protecting your identities and policies is critical to keeping your business up and running. Losing access to Azure AD means your business is dead in the water.

The solution: Back up Azure AD in a completely separate infrastructure.

Paul is a prolific contributor to the Microsoft community: He is the author of an impressive amount of books and articles about Microsoft technologies, including the best-selling Office 365 for IT Pros, a contributing editor for Practical 365, and a producer of a continuous stream of videos, podcasts, and webinars.

He is based in Alabama, USA.