Why do I need Azure AD backup? Isn’t Microsoft 365 backup enough?

VideoJuly 11, 2023By Paul Robichaux

In this exclusive video, Paul Robichaux, Microsoft MVP and Sr. Director of Product at Keepit, unravels the indispensable connection between Azure AD and Microsoft 365, and shares why a data protection plan must include backup of Entra ID (Azure AD).

Learn why safeguarding Azure AD (Entra ID) data is essential for seamless productivity and continuous compliance. Discover the solution: Secure your Azure AD with backup and recovery.

Paul is a prolific contributor to the Microsoft community: He is the author of an impressive amount of books and articles about Microsoft technologies, including the best-selling Office 365 for IT Pros, a contributing editor for Practical 365, and a producer of a continuous stream of videos, podcasts, and webinars.

He is based in Alabama, USA.