Empowering resellers: SaaS data protection with Keepit

PartnerApril 8, 2024 | 5 minutesBy Cyril VanAgt

As businesses increasingly rely on cloud-based applications and services to drive productivity and innovation, the need to safeguard sensitive data against cyber threats and unexpected data loss is clear — not least of all due to increased compliance requirements globally such as NIS2, SEC, and GDPR.

Partnering with Keepit means always being at the forefront of cloud SaaS data protection.

Anders Kaag 

CMO of ITM8, Denmark 

In joining Keepit’s newly enhanced Partner Network with a partner-only focus, value-added resellers (VARs) can empower their clients with industry-leading cloud data protection, ensuring the safety and integrity of their critical business data.

In this blog, we’ll explore why Keepit is not only the ideal partner but also the best solution on the market for resellers looking for the opportunity to elevate their services, increase profitability, and stand out from the competition with Keepit’s leading cloud data protection solution.

"We are pleased to continue our partnership with Keepit and to join their new KPN partner program. The team we collaborate with is extremely responsive and always on hand to assist with any of our queries. The new program recognizes our efforts in terms of skills and commercial success and will accelerate our development and growth in the coming years in the field of SaaS data protection."

Nicola Gargett 

Partner Program Manager 

Phoenix Software Ltd., UK  

Top 3 reasons to join the VAR track of the Keepit Partner Network  


Here's why the Keepit Partner Network is a great opportunity for resellers wanting to support their clients: 


1. Increased gross profit and recurring revenue:

Keepit offers resellers the chance to quickly boost their gross profit and establish a long-term recurring revenue stream, all without the burden of operational expenses. By partnering with Keepit, resellers can retain their gross profit, fuel their growth, and protect their margins with a partner-only go-to-market strategy.

2. Partner-friendly tools and support:

Keepit is easy to work with and easy to price. Managing customers’ accounts is made simple with Keepit's ready-to-use Partner Management Console or seamless integration options with favorite systems using APIs. This allows resellers to stay aligned with the buyer's journey.

3. Be a hero for your customers:

With Keepit, resellers can be heroes for their customers by offering a fast and easy-to-implement solution. Whether it's providing fast provisioning or one-click restore capabilities, Keepit enables resellers to deliver exceptional value to their clients. Differentiate from the competition by offering the most comprehensive SaaS data backup coverage on the market. 

We don’t compete with Keepit, we succeed together. An equal partnership was the goal from the very beginning.

Henning Malmin  

CTO of Upheads, Norway 

The Keepit difference for customers and partners

Keepit doesn't just offer benefits for resellers; we also provide unparalleled advantages for customers and partners alike. Many of Keepit's partners have a hybrid business model, acting as both Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and value-added resellers (VARs). Keepit's solutions are flexible enough to support both models, allowing resellers to seamlessly integrate SaaS data protection into their managed services practices. 


What makes Keepit the best SaaS data protection for partners and customers 

From our dedicated, purpose-built independent cloud to our native data immutability and compliance-ready architecture, Keepit ensures that both partners and their customers receive top-notch service and protection with the broadest SaaS applications protection available, including Microsoft 365, Entra ID (Azure AD), Salesforce, and more.

Here's why Keepit is the leading solution for resellers wanting to best support their clients on their data protection journey: 


  • Independent cloud: 

Keepit owns and operates a dedicated, purpose-built independent cloud infrastructure, ensuring maximum security, reliability, and compliance for partners and their customers' data. 

  • Built in the cloud, for the cloud: 

The Keepit solution is designed and optimized specifically for the cloud environment, storing data logically and physically separate from the SaaS vendor. It provides seamless integration and performance for SaaS data protection without any of the issues or inefficiencies found in solutions with legacy bolt-on systems. 

  • Multiple data centers with fully load-balanced redundancy: 

We ensure data availability and data resiliency 24/7 with dual data centers per data region of choice, featuring fully load-balanced redundancy and air-gapped data storage. This maximizes data protection and data availability, supporting business continuity goals.

  • Native, built-in data immutability: 

Keepit's platform incorporates native data immutability, safeguarding data from unauthorized alterations or deletions and providing assurance of data integrity through blockchain-like encryption. Data remains tamper proof, always.

  • Transparent, predictable, all-inclusive pricing: 

Keepit operates on a transparent pricing model with no hidden fees. This makes it easy for partners and their customers to budget and plan effectively. 

  • Simple tool onboarding process: 

Keepit's intuitive setup process and automated features allow for easy implementation and management, with no training needed. This frees up time and resources for partners to focus on other aspects of their business.

  • Granular restore functionality: 

We simplify data recovery with granular, one-click restore functionality. This enables partners and customers to swiftly recover critical data in place in the event of data loss or disruptions, prioritizing business-critical data to minimize impact.

  • Recognized industry leadership: 

Keepit is consistently recognized as a leader in SaaS data protection by industry analysts. This demonstrates our commitment to delivering top-tier solutions and services.

  • GDPR compliance and data privacy: 

With no sub-processors, Keepit prioritizes compliance, ensuring that partners and their customers' data is handled with the highest level of sensitivity and adherence to regulations. This includes support for GDPR right to be forgotten (RTBF). 


Differentiate, diversify, and grow with Keepit 


Don't settle for selling the same solutions as everyone else in the market. With Keepit, resellers can differentiate themselves, diversify their offerings, and accelerate their growth in the field of SaaS data protection. 


Keepit offers resellers the perfect combination of partner-friendly tools, unparalleled support, and innovative solutions to succeed in today's competitive landscape. Ready to elevate your reselling business with Keepit's leading cloud data protection solution? Join the Keepit Partner Network today and unlock exclusive benefits, unparalleled support, and innovative solutions to drive growth and success.

Become a valued partner today


Cyril VanAgt, EMEA Channel VP at Keepit, leads our EMEA channel strategy to drive growth across the EMEA region where he strengthens relationships with our channel partners, maximizes revenue opportunities, and contributes to our continued growth and success.

After the first part of his career as a consultant and a technical expert leader in the world of databases and network storage, Cyril VanAgt moved to the Channel Business in 2014 when he joined the Cloud Platform software vendor Nutanix, where he set up and developed its partner ecosystem, first in France and then in EMEA.

Cyril brings over 8 years of experience from Nutanix, where he successfully built and ran their Southern Europe and EMEA Channel ecosystem and collaborated with many IT resellers and distributors throughout EMEA. Prior to Nutanix, Cyril spent 14 years at NetApp, further establishing his expertise in developing strategic alliances and driving business growth. His strong network and technical knowledge, combined with a profound understanding of the EMEA market dynamics, will strengthen our partner-only strategy.

He remains passionate about how to “improve our everyday life with new technologies and trends, such as cloud computing, big data, data privacy and protection, while remaining eco-responsible.”