The collaboration employees want. The security IT needs.

Keepit is there when you need to secure, synchronize and share data. Keepit is a solution that satisfies the requirements of end users, CIOs, internal IT and legal teams alike.


Keepit is more than just a reliable backup service

Traditional backup services are often the cornerstone for securing your company’s data and satisfying legal requirements. But data is no longer just on desktops and network drives. Data is on multiple devices and services, is changed often, and is shared both internally and externally. That’s a lot to keep track of.

Keepit simplifies data security while at the same time providing valuable collaboration tools.


Keepit automatically synchronizes all of your vital data across multiple devices, making sure your data is up-to-date. Synchronization works across desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles, and can be used as a simplified way to disseminate important data between employees, network drives, and data shared with partners and customers. You choose what to sync to which devices, and who has access to that data set, making it a flexible synchronization tool internally as well as for projects with external stakeholders.


Easy sharing is important for your employees in daily operations. Keepit allows employees to share files and folders internally and externally. Forever or as short as a single minute.

Advanced business rules for sharing is available for administrators.


We care a lot about security, and we aim high in offering the best possible security features available on the market. This means that all communication to and from the Keepit server farms are encrypted using SSL, and that all files are encrypted using AES-CCM at rest. Our storage and server farms are hosted in an ISAE 3402 certified hosting center under the ISO 27002 definition. And we provide detailed 24/7 around-the-clock monitoring.

Features to keep you productive no matter what happens

Automatic backup and sync

Set Keepit up for physical devices and cloud services, and it continuously watches all your changes so you don’t have to. This way, you always have your data secured, no matter where it comes from.

Version control and restore

You can access and restore your data on any device with your user account, making it easy to access your data and move it to new devices.


Easily and securiely share data with colleagues or external partners. You can even limit the amount of time others can access your shared data down to a single minute.

World class support

We offer world-class support to all users. How you want it, when you want it. We are here to make sure you get the most out of Keepit.

Control and Transparency features – built with businesses in mind


With Keepit, you can secure your data without disconnecting from the world. Here’s how Keepit can help you set your employees free:

  • Centrally manage and restrict data access for groups and individuals
  • Manage advanced data policies
  • User creation and management based on your active directory and SSO
  • Access documentation-led reporting based on users, files and data sharing

Your data. Your choice of where it is stored.

With flexible options for data storage, Keepit makes it easy to meet data security regulations, no matter how strict your requirements.


A complete server side of Keepit deployed and managed at the location of your choosing – even behind your own firewalls. You control the management and encryption keys for data at rest. This option requires regular maintenance of the platform and storage, but gives you the most flexibility in meeting strict data security and location compliance.

Hosted with Keepit

All of your data will be uploaded to your dedicated storage either at Keepit’s secure farm or with a vendor of your choice. Keepit maintains the central management of features in either case.

With your partner

All of your data will be uploaded to the secure Keepit farm without any complex installation or ongoing maintenance, for a simple deployment with no compromise in security. Your data will be secured in our Danish server farm.

Want to know more?

Are you interested in seeing Keepit in action and discussing how it can fit into your data security plan? Get in touch, and a Sales Representative will get back to you shortly.